Risk I/O processes vulnerabilities against active threat intelligence for prioritization based on a true risk of a breach.

The integration of Risk I/O with Qualys gives enterprises a complete picture of assets and vulnerabilities across every layer of their technology stack, and enables them to manage the remediation of these vulnerabilities and to gauge their overall vulnerability management performance.

Risk I/O supports the Qualys vulnerability management solution right out of the box, making it easy to connect the vulnerability and asset information with real-time threats for better prioritization, and dramatically shrink the time from detection to close. A simple file-based connector enables users to pull in their latest vulnerability scan data directly from Qualys and aggregate, correlate and risk rank them across their entire set of security vulnerabilities.

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Discover the Threats Putting You
Most at Risk

Sync your vulnerability scan data from Qualys and Risk I/O will continuously process it against active threats from our threat processing engine, including attacks in-the-wild, zero-day vulnerabilities, and active Internet breaches so you know the threats putting you most at risk.

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Centralize Security Issues in One

Many enterprises use more than one assessment solution to identify security and compliance defects across their IT systems. Risk I/O connects and takes in feeds from multiple security tools and then aggregates this data, presenting the information in a single, easy-to-use web application. Users are then empowered to manage vulnerabilities, threat metrics, prioritization, and bug fixes from one central, easy-to-use application.

Resolve Security Issues at a Faster Rate

Companies have invested heavily into their existing security products and infrastructure. Risk I/O helps security and technology teams connect the dots between vulnerability data from Qualys and other security tools, which enables security teams to more effectively identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and defects. This helps enterprises to spend a lot less time and resources on vulnerability management, all while keeping their systems and applications more secure in the process.

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Prioritize Remediation of Vulnerabilities

Managing the entire lifecycle of security bugs from detection to close can require juggling multiple tools, and even then, security teams are unsure if they are mitigating the bugs that pose the biggest threat to their network. Risk I/O offers additional synchronization with bug tracking and remediation applications, providing users with a simple, one-stop shop for vulnerability remediation. The integration with Qualys closes the loop when tickets have been remediated with verification scans to confirm proper remediation steps have been taken. Security teams are then able to prioritize the vulnerabilities that provide the greatest reduction in risk.

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Receive a Complete Risk Analysis

Risk I/O processes organizational vulnerability data against Internet breach and exploit data, allowing security teams to gain visibility into which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk of a breach in their organization. Receive real-time scoring on how vulnerable your organizational assets are to real-world attacks and exploits, and see which threats in your data will be the most critical now and over time.

How it Works

The integration of Risk I/O with Qualys allows mutual users to connect their Qualys instance into Risk I/O for advanced vulnerability management. Once connected, each time a security scan is administered in Qualys, the scan data appears in Risk I/O, where it is correlated with other assessment information and automatically prioritized and indexed. Risk I/O then combines this information with other data sources and uses predictive analytics to alert any high priority issues.

Risk I/O provides one-click integration with issue tracking and ticketing solutions, and then confirms those fixes via automated testing with its bi-directional integration. Built-in metrics, reporting and benchmarks enable businesses to view their data in any way they see fit through the use of tagging, custom fields and meta data.

More information about Risk I/O can be found at https://www.risk.io

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