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Qualys Multi-Vector EDR Free Trial

A new approach to EDR that shortens response times and reduces costs

Traditional EDR solutions focus only on endpoint activity to detect attacks. Qualys brings a new multi-vector approach and the power of its Cloud Platform to protect the entire attack chain, from attack and breach prevention, to detection and response — all in a single, cloud-based app.

One single agent

Use a single lightweight, easy to deploy cloud agent, to perform a wide range of critical security functions on the endpoint.

Protect against all threats

Protect against all threat vectors, such as vulnerabilities, mis-configurations, malware, suspicious activity and attacks.

Accurately detect attacks

Eliminate false positives and negatives, and eliminate alert fatigue once and for all. Qualys consistently exceeds 99.99966% accuracy.

Quickly respond to incidents

Take remote access of a device to kill process and network connections, quarantine files, remove exploits, patch software, fix misconfigurations, uninstall software, and much more!

Hunt and analyze threats

Qualys EDR collects and correlates a vast amount of IT and security data, giving threat hunters and analysts unprecedented context and real-time insight into the endpoint.

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