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A unified and strategic approach for federal agencies’ security and compliance.

Qualys is the only FedRAMP authorized comprehensive cybersecurity platform.

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Helping you protect your mission.

As federal agencies increase cloud adoption and digital transformation efforts, they need an integrated suite of security and compliance solutions that gives them the necessary visibility to maintain complete and continuous control of their vast and complex IT environments.

That’s what Qualys Gov Platform can provide: A unified solution they can easily deploy at will and at scale, that offers visibility of their IT assets’ security and compliance at an agency-wide level.

With Qualys Gov Platform, federal agencies can overcome the limitations of legacy enterprise security products designed for homogeneous, encapsulated environments. Instead, our platform offers the scale, flexibility, agility and versatility required for protecting today’s hybrid, borderless, distributed and fast-changing IT environments.

Fully mapped to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Qualys Gov Platform is an end-to-end solution that helps federal agencies identify, detect, protect and respond to threats.

Why Qualys

FedRAMP authorized and CDM approved

Qualys Gov Platform obtained FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO) in 2016, an approval that requires a lengthy and rigorous process. Since FedRAMP standardizes how FISMA applies to cloud service providers, Qualys’ authorization streamlines federal government customers’ assessment and approval process for adopting our platform. Qualys Gov Platform is also on the Approved Products List of the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM) program, which requires a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) qualification process.

Total cloud protection

Qualys helps ensure that federal customers moving workloads to the cloud, including their VMs, cloud instances and containers, are secure and compliant across cloud platforms. Qualys has agreements and seamless integrations with most major cloud providers, so you can conduct required asset discovery, asset management, vulnerability management, web application scanning, threat prioritization, policy compliance and more.

66% of the Forbes Global 50 can’t be wrong

Qualys’ 19,000+ customers include 66% of the Forbes Global 50 and almost half of the Global 500, while its robust partner ecosystem features leading managed security service providers and security consulting firms including EY, IBM, DXC Technology, NTT, Verizon, SecureWorks, Deloitte and others.

Low TCO, simple deployment

Our platform’s revolutionary architecture, which includes a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and licensing model, offers unparalleled ease of deployment and slashes the costs and complexity associated with acquiring, installing and maintaining on-premises security software. Qualys can be quickly deployed, with nothing to install or manage: All services are accessible via an intuitive web interface.

Robust, scalable backend

Qualys Gov Platform’s state-of-the-art, massively scalable backend has robust, centralized capabilities for reporting, storage, data analysis, search indexing and asset tagging, among other functionality. The platform scales to the largest environments, allowing customers to seamlessly add coverage, users and services as needed. The platform performs 6+ billion IP scans, and detects 1+ trillion security events per year, with Six Sigma accuracy (99.99966%) for vulnerability scans, so customers don’t waste time and resources chasing false positives. Vulnerability data is securely stored and processed in an n-tiered architecture of load-balanced servers, with encrypted databases that are physically and logically secure.

Custom templates for federal agencies

Qualys cloud apps offer multiple out-of-the-box templates, capabilities and pre-built content designed to streamline compliance with federally mandated regulations and policies. For example, the Qualys Policy Compliance (PC) app helps organizations comply with multiple mandates and standards in a harmonized manner – by consolidating the requirements from the multiple standards into a single view – and allows reporting on one or multiple mandates in a single report. Meanwhile, the Qualys Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) app has a NIST Cybersecurity Framework template. Both PC and SAQ support out-of-the-box, automated reporting on NIST Cybersecurity Framework, NIST 800-53 controls and on the DISA STIG guidelines.

Security stack consolidation

By consolidating your security stack on Qualys Gov Platform with our centrally managed and integrated Qualys Apps, you eliminate the plethora of siloed, heterogeneous point products that are difficult and expensive to integrate and manage. Qualys’ growing suite offers 18 Apps for, among other things, vulnerability management, asset inventory, threat prioritization, web app security, policy compliance and file integrity monitoring. Equip your security teams, including those in charge of on-premises infrastructure, cloud workloads, endpoint devices, mobile devices, ICS/SCADA systems, DevOps environments, web apps, and IT audit and compliance, with our centralized platform, whose apps are accessible from a unified dashboard and share data and resources from a common backend.

Instant, comprehensive visibility

Qualys Gov Platform’s sensors give organizations continuous, real-time visibility of all their IT assets – on premises, at endpoints and in clouds – for comprehensive prevention and response. Centrally managed and self-updating, the Qualys sensors come as physical or virtual appliances, or lightweight agents. A centralized, web-based, single-pane-of-glass UI gives you a complete and continuously updated view of your IT environment and its security and compliance posture.

Qualys Gov Platform: the complete, end-to-end security solution.

The Qualys Cloud Platform is the most advanced security platform for federal, state and local agencies that need to secure hybrid IT infrastructures in a perimeter-less world.

Qualys' integrated apps cover all your security and compliance needs

See global IT assets instantly

Built on the Qualys FedRAMP-authorized Gov platform, Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory automates the normalization and categorization of a federal agency’s inventory data. It collects and analyzes data about assets across hybrid environments and delivers up-to-date, comprehensive and continuous IT, security and compliance information about those assets. It can automatically classify, normalize and categorize assets to ensure clean, reliable and consistent data.

Stay in control of IT complexity and evolving threats

Global enterprises must simplify and sharpen vulnerability management to protect increasingly hybrid IT environments from more aggressive and sophisticated attacks. Qualys continuously identifies security gaps at enterprise scale wherever they appear, and alerts you in real time about network irregularities.

Protect your data by closing the web app attack vector

As enterprises "appify" operations, hackers exploit web apps' many security weaknesses to steal customer data and intellectual property. Qualys scans and tests your websites and web apps to identify vulnerabilities and malware, and shields your web servers from hackers.

Pinpoint critical vulnerabilities among thousands

Not even large IT departments can promptly patch and mitigate all their assets’ vulnerabilities. Qualys helps you continuously identify the ones that pose the greatest risk to your organization at any given time, so you can prioritize your remediation work.

Stay on top of IT compliance requirements

Global businesses struggle to comply with the growing list and increasing complexity of government regulations, industry mandates and internal policies. Qualys automates procedural and technical control assessments for vendor risk management, internal IT compliance, and general IT security best practices.

Detect and respond to threats and attacks

In order to stop breaches, you need continuous, real-time visibility and context into the entire attack chain. Qualys’ new multi-vector approach and the unifying power of its Cloud Platform, provides a complete, accurate risk-based response – whether it’s patching vulnerabilities, remediating configuration issues, quarantining IT assets, or taking remote access of a device to terminate processes, removing exploits, restoring files/systems, and much more – all in one app!

Deployment flexibility

For agencies with strict data storage requirements, Qualys offers multiple deployment options, including on-premises, private, hybrid, public and government cloud. A private cloud option provides an alternative with all the benefits of Qualys Gov Platform within the walls of your datacenter. Qualys Private Cloud Platform (PCP), available as a full server, virtual rack and as a standalone appliance, allows organizations to store data locally and under their control. The all-in-one PCP devices are pre-loaded with the Qualys software, pre-configured for quick and easy deployments, and are regularly updated by Qualys and our cleared partners.

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Qualys Gov Platform is easy to implement, easy to use and fully scalable – it can be deployed on premises or across public, hybrid, or FedRAMP authorized clouds. Email us or call us at 1 (800) 745-4355.