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Cloud Security

Cyber security integration partners.

Leading technology and security companies integrate their products with Qualys.

Easy to use, efficient, and open XML APIs enable developers to seamlessly integrate Qualys security and compliance data into their own applications.

Qualys XML APIs

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Qualys integration with IDS/IPS solutions provides customers with an automated way to adjust severity level of incident alerts based on host context information provided by Qualys. The joint solution delivers to customers a more accurate assessment of the detected incident facilitating remediation prioritization and ultimately reducing the amount of incident response resources consumed by non-critical or non-relevant incidents.


Qualys integration with IT-GRC solutions allows customers to automatically import vulnerability or compliance information from Qualys into their IT-GRC solution. This allows asset owners to report on vulnerabilities and mis-configurations identified on their assets in one single view. They can then assign ownership to the individual issues, track remediation efforts or accept the associated business risk.

IT Service Support Management

Via its API, Qualys provides seamless transfer of discovered vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to ITSM systems. These systems automate basic jobs improving the efficiency of security analysts and response teams to accelerate patching, configuration changes and other remediation workflows.

Penetration Testing

Qualys integration with Penetration Testing solutions increases the effectiveness of network security assessments by eliminating the manual step of running a scan before performing penetration testing using multiple interfaces. Customers are provided with an automated way to both scan networks against a comprehensive vulnerability database with Qualys and then to safely exploit those same vulnerabilities with a penetration test. The integration reduces the amount of time customers spend collecting data from vulnerability scans and performing penetration testing, while lowering costs and making the remediation process more effective.

Privileged Access Management

Qualys integration with Privileged Access Management solutions provide customers with an alternative to manage credentials used for trusted vulnerability scans and compliance scans, using third-party solutions.

Risk Management

Qualys Integration with Risk Management provides the automation of the entire risk management process which includes network discovery and vulnerability assessment in one comprehensive view for risk analysis and remediation prioritization. It consolidates vulnerability, configuration, and threat data. The joint solution gives enterprises the ability to model their network topology, determine what vulnerabilities are present on their network and understand which vulnerable systems can actually be accessed. All of this information is used to ultimately measure risk for asset groups and prioritize remediation.


Qualys integration with SIEM solutions enhances correlation and prioritization of security incidents/events by automating the import and aggregation of endpoint vulnerability assessment data. The integration enables the joint solution to automatically launch on-demand scans based on environment changes or policy compliance rules, prioritize events and provide detailed vulnerability information through one central interface.

Security Intelligence

Qualys Integration with Security Intelligence solutions provides customers with in-depth information on vulnerabilities, zero-day threats and additional correlation services that allow customers to prioritize patching and remediation efforts.

Server Configuration Management

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Testing

Qualys integration with Web Application Testing solutions increases the effectiveness of web application security assessments by providing the scalability and accuracy of automated scanning with the expertise of trained security resources. Customers benefit from a web application security scan against Qualys' comprehensive vulnerability database, and they also gain value from manual validation of the findings and identification of security issues in web application business logic. The integration reduces the time and resources needed to execute a comprehensive web application security-testing program.

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With the most accurate, comprehensive and easily deployed scanning available, Qualys provides the best vulnerability management solution to support your brand, your customers and your stakeholders.

Market exposure

With thousands of security-conscious customers in all major vertical markets, Qualys brings market knowledge, experience and exposure to our partnerships.

Strong complementary solutions

Accurate vulnerability assessment and network scan data from Qualys can dramatically improve the usefulness and accuracy of many complementary security products, such as network management tools and agents, intrusion detection and prevention systems, firewalls and patch management solutions.

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