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Qualys Cloud Agent.

Our lightweight scanner that enables 2-second global visibility.

IBM Security

Cloud Agent revealed that a tiny fraction of our desktops accounted for around 50 percent of our critical vulnerabilities—enabling us to obtain a dramatic improvement in our overall security posture for relatively little effort.

Eddie Dynes Information Security and Compliance Manager at London Gatwick Airport

Beyond traditional network scanning

Cloud Agents work where it’s not possible or practical to do network scanning. They’re our preferred method for assets like dynamic IP client machines, remote/roaming users, static and ephemeral cloud instances, and systems sensitive to external scanning. Cloud Agents collect data from across your entire infrastructure, and consolidate it in the Qualys Cloud Platform for you to view.

Install anywhere

The Cloud Agent can be installed on any host, such as a laptop, desktop, server, or virtual machine—on premises, mobile, or in the cloud. It can be easily deployed via a compact, silent, lightweight installer; via common software management automation; or via the command line. Additionally, you can leverage the Cloud Agent Gateway (CAG) service to easily deploy the Cloud Agents at scale in sensitive environments where Internet access is restricted, such as locked down data centers and industrial networks.

Minimal footprint

The agent is designed to have minimal impact on the system and the network. It normally consumes <2% of CPU resources, peaking at 5% during normal operation. It’s self-updating and self-healing, keeping itself up to date with no need to reboot.

Continuous data collection

First, Cloud Agents run a full configuration assessment of their host in the background and upload the collected data to the Qualys Cloud Platform for analysis. Then, as system changes occur, Cloud Agents push updates to the central Cloud Platform, rather than the central system polling agents for updates.

Customize and scale to millions of assets

Cloud Agent communication is optimized to support large-scale agent deployments, while providing flexible and granular performance configuration controls. Organizations can fine-tune agent performance and bandwidth usage for their specific environment requirements.

Millions of Cloud Agents actively deployed across the globe

Real-time vulnerability management

Qualys Cloud Agents bring additional, continuous monitoring capabilities to our Vulnerability Management tools. This eliminates the need for establishing scanning windows or integrations with credential vaults for systems, as well as the need to actually know where a particular asset resides.

  • Get 100% coverage of your installed infrastructure

  • Continuously monitor assets for the latest Operating System, Application, and Certificate vulnerabilities

  • Track missing critical patches on each device in real time

  • No credential management or complex firewall profiles needed—only requires outbound encrypted communications over a single port to the Qualys Cloud Platform

  • Combine network scans with Cloud Agents for devices where it is not practical to install agents—firewalls, routers, etc.

Extend policy compliance

The Cloud Agent turns the Qualys Policy Compliance offering into a real-time solution and extends it to endpoints, which until now could not be assessed by traditional network scanning solutions.

  • Continuously evaluate all relevant assets against standards and benchmarks such as PCI DSS, CIS, ISO, HIPAA, and more

  • Data is always up to date and requires no credential management or complex remote access through a firewall.

Simplify security and compliance in dynamic cloud environments

Qualys Cloud Agent architecture greatly simplifies asset discovery and tracking as well as security and compliance monitoring in highly dynamic cloud environment like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure since it gives customers the ability to embed the agent into the master images of their cloud servers.

  • Embed Cloud Agents in the master images of your cloud servers

  • Cloud Agents automatically register and track new instances created from the master image

  • No need to implement separate discovery mechanisms

  • No need to build automation to spawn new scanners for new instances

  • Information is always up to date even if virtual workloads are offline

Share data with third-party tools

All the data collected by the Qualys Cloud Agent installed in an IT environment resides within the Qualys Cloud Platform. Qualys’ extensive and easy-to-use XML API makes it easy to integrate your data with third-party tools.

  • Security and Information Management (SEIM) products
  • Big data analytics platforms like Splunk
  • Configuration management databases (CMDBs)
  • Help desk systems

Extend deployments with Cloud Agent Gateway Service

Qualys Cloud Agent Gateway (CAG) Service lets your organization extend its Cloud Agent deployments into secured environments like highly locked down data centers and industrial networks where direct Internet access is restricted. Qualys CAG is a virtual appliance that is managed from the Qualys Cloud Platform.

  • Securely connects agents deployed anywhere, including your OT environments and restricted on-premises networks, to the Qualys Cloud Platform.
  • Optimizes our agents’ efficient bandwidth usage by locally caching elements like manifests, updates and -- when used with Qualys Patch Management -- patches.
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity of having to deploy, manage and maintain third-party proxies or secure web gateways for Cloud Agent installations at scale.

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