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Compliance Monitoring Solutions: Policy Compliance | Security Assessment Questionnaire | PCI

As part of a comprehensive security program, your organization must enforce internal policies, comply with external regulatory mandates, and assess the risk of doing business with vendors and other third parties.

With constantly evolving regulatory mandates, industry best practices, and the increasing complexity in today’s IT environments, you need the clarity, control and flexibility of a cloud-based solution to automate assessment of security and compliance controls in order to demonstrate a repeatable and trackable process to auditors and stakeholders.

Sharpen & simplify compliance monitoring with Qualys’ cloud-based platform

Qualys’ compliance monitoring solutions automate the complex task of assessing procedural and technical controls for vendor risk management, internal IT compliance, and general best practices for securing your IT systems.

PC performs security configuration assessments on IT systems throughout your network, while PCI checks specifically for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), including the requirement that organizations maintain secure web applications.

SAQ streamlines an organization’s vendor risk management process, including the design, distribution, tracking, aggregation and management of multiple internal and external risk assessment surveys from a web-based central console.

These applications are delivered via the Enterprise TruRisk Platform, so there’s no significant infrastructure to purchase, maintain and manage. This enables you to deploy quickly to continuously monitor compliance across a global scale. Centralized user management provides the right stakeholders access to the right information, allowing your organization to focus on improving security instead of managing complex tool deployments.

policy Compliance Dashboard Screenshot

Policy Compliance Features

Define Policies and Specify Controls

With PC, you can leverage out of the box library content to fast-track your compliance assessments using industry-recommended best practices such as CIS Benchmarks, or you can customize your control requirements by setting hardening configuration requirements to suite your unique business and compliance needs.

Assess and Remediate

By automating the evaluation of requirements against multiple standards for OSes, network devices and applications, PC lets you identify issues quickly and prevent configuration drift. With PC, you can prioritize and track remediation and exceptions, demonstrating a repeatable auditable process for compliance management focused on the most critical issues first.


PC lets you customize and deliver comprehensive reports to document progress for IT staffers, business executives, risk managers and auditors. With Mandate-based reporting you can easily see how you compare against requirements in a variety of overlapping regulatory or industry required control objectives.

PCI Features

User-Friendly, Guided Approach

PCI streamlines and walks you through this compliance process step by step with tips, a simple, intuitive interface, online help and around-the-clock email and telephone support.

Scan and Remediate

PCI scans all Internet-facing networks and systems, generates easy to use reports and provides detailed patching instructions for each vulnerability discovered.


An auto-submission feature completes the process once remediation has been completed by sending the compliance status report to the acquiring banks.

PCI Features Screenshot
SAQ Features Screenshot

SAQ Features

Design Surveys

SAQ's wizard helps create campaigns with due dates, notifications, assigned reviewers, various answer formats, evidence requirements, varying workflows and pre-built and custom templates.

Distribute Questionnaires

You enter vendor emails and SAQ auto-provisions the surveys, which respondents complete on browser-based forms. Administrators can trigger reminders, and set up recurring campaigns.

Track Campaigns and Analyze Results

SAQ captures responses in real time. It aggregates them in one place and displays charts to let admins visualize progress, drill down on the data and and manage multiple campaigns.

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