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Cloud Security

SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Manage your security posture and risk across your entire SaaS application stack

Qualys SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) automates the entire process of managing your SaaS apps, including global settings, user privileges, licenses, files, and their security and compliance posture. Qualys SSPM is an integral part of Qualys TotalCloud solution, allowing organizations to start and stay secure in their cloud environments.

One Security and Compliance Platform for All Your SaaS Apps

Get continuous visibility into your SaaS applications and fix security and compliance issues with one click. Qualys SSPM brings clarity and control into your SaaS stack by providing in-depth user and device visibility, data security insights, proactive posture monitoring, and automated remediation of threats – all from a single screen.


User and Device Visibility

Continuous visibility is fundamental to security. Qualys SSPM automatically inventories all your SaaS application users and user groups (internal and external) and the files and folders they own and have access to. It also gathers detailed information on endpoints, such as asset details, location, running services, installed software, and much more – all in a unified view.

Powerful Access Controls

SaaS deployments lack the tools to manage users and data access rights effectively. Qualys SSPM gives you complete control to quickly review and assign proper access at a granular level – all from a single interface.

Data Exposure Insights

SaaS applications are a “black box” for IT and security teams. Qualys SSPM shines a spotlight on your SaaS applications and third-party apps so that you can immediately identify security weaknesses like incorrect permissions, at-risk files, file changes, misconfiguration issues, critical vulnerabilities, and exploits using advanced threat intelligence.

Security and Compliance Posture Management

The key to protection against state-of-the-art cybersecurity attacks, like SolarWinds, is continuous detection and monitoring of security weaknesses targeted by attackers. Qualys SSPM provides continuous and automated security posture and configuration assessments of your SaaS applications and enforces compliance with industry benchmarks like O365 via CIS, PCI-DSS, NIST.

Unified, Context-Based Alerts

Get real-time alerts based on the full context of users and their endpoints to accurately determine risk. Qualys SSPM collects and uses multiple data insights to configure alerts, like user rights, device location, file changes, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, advanced threats, and more.

Automated Remediation

Knowing what to fix is only part of the equation. Qualys SSPM makes it easy to proactively ensure that only the right users can access your SaaS applications and files. Custom alerts let you know as soon as critical security misconfigurations or other issues are detected. It also automatically patches misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and threats with a single click.

Qualys Cloud Inventory: Configuration | Qualys

Simple, Native Integration with Leading SaaS Apps

Qualys makes it straightforward and convenient to monitor and manage the security and compliance of your SaaS deployments on day one, including:

  • Instant connection: Getting started is quick and easy. Thanks to native connectors to SaaS suites, Qualys SSPM begins scanning your SaaS apps immediately.

  • Immediate transparency: No more SaaS blind spots. Qualys SSPM gives you clarity into your SaaS applications and their usage with an unparalleled level of detail and insight.

  • Reduce risk: Reduces the chances that confidential data will be accessed by unauthorized people, including cybercriminals, disgruntled ex-employees, or corporate spies.

Qualys Cloud Inventory: Configuration | Qualys
Qualys Cloud Inventory: Configuration | Qualys

A Single-pane-of-glass View

To secure your SaaS applications and prevent your confidential data from being exposed, you need continuous, end-to-end visibility of all your deployments.

  • A unified, dynamic interface: Qualys SSPM consolidates all the information in one central dashboard, continuously updated with dynamic charts and graphs.

  • Complete visibility: Get a 360-degree view of your SaaS apps’ users, user groups, and files, as well as connected third-party tools.

  • Precise, up-to-date information: Real-time interactive widgets let you filter the data and drill down for details. A powerful elastic search engine provides immediate and exact results.

Qualys Cloud Inventory: Configuration | Qualys
A Full, Detailed Directory of Users and Files | Qualys

A Full, Detailed Directory of Users and Files

Who has access to your Office 365 suite? How are your Google Workspace users sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations? All of this and more is crystal clear with Qualys SSPM.

  • A complete list of users: See all your SaaS users and user groups (internal/external) and the files and folders they own and have access to.

  • Shared document visibility: Qualys SSPM identifies whom your users have shared documents with, both inside and outside of your organization.

  • Granular insights: Drill down deep and find out what’s happening in your environment. For example, find all data shared externally from a particular SaaS account and get a list of all external users with access to specific files.

A Full, Detailed Directory of Users and Files | Qualys
Control Over Third-party Applications | Qualys

Control Over Third-party Applications

There are thousands of approved and unapproved consumer and enterprise add-ons, plug-ins, tools, and utilities that your users can link to your SaaS applications – often for free and without your consent. Qualys SSPM detects them all so that you can assess the risk and block access.

  • External app permissions: Qualys SSPM reveals all third-party software tools that have been granted access by your users.

  • Activity details: See what potentially invasive permission issues these tools can do, such as viewing users’ SaaS suite profiles, reading their emails, or accessing their cloud storage.

  • Risk assessment: Determine if external applications are deny-listed, suspicious, or have weak security that can be easily compromised.

Control Over Third-party Applications | Qualys
Instant Compliance Checks | Qualys

Instant Compliance Checks

Qualys SSPM is designed to help you quickly and continuously validate the compliance of your SaaS deployments to adhere to internal and external policies and regulations and reduce your data exposure risk.

  • Streamlined compliance: Qualys SSPM checks how compliant your SaaS apps are with industry mandates and standards, like the PCI-DSS, NIST, and CIS.

  • Around-the-clock checks: Compliance checks are continuously performed in your environment, highlighting compliant and non-compliant controls.

  • Actionable insights: Drill down into each control for details on why you failed and get step-by-step remediation instructions.

Instant Compliance Checks | Qualys
Automated Remediation | Qualys

Automated Remediation

Qualys SSPM makes fixing the problems that put your SaaS data at risk as intuitive and automated as possible.

  • Quick remediation: Fix problems without leaving the Qualys SSPM UI without navigating to your SaaS application control panel.

  • Automation: Qualys SSPM offers auto-remediation capabilities that reduce the risk of malicious or unintentional exposure of SaaS data.

Automated Remediation | Qualys

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