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  • Platform Apps

  • Qualys Endpoint Security

    Advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization

  • Context XDR

    Extend detection and response beyond the endpoint to the enterprise

Cloud Security

A platform that grows with you.

From extra large to extra small, Qualys works for everyone.

Pricing depends on your selection of Cloud Platform Apps, the number of network addresses (IPs), web applications, and user licenses.

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Included with all subscriptions

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Cloud Platform Sensors

Qualys Cloud Agents

  • Inventory - Included with all subscriptions

    Qualys Cloud Agents automatically discover, normalize and categorize all of your IT assets, providing 100% real-time visibility of your IT assets wherever they reside – whether on-prem (devices and applications), mobile, endpoints, clouds, containers, OT and IoT.

  • Vulnerability Management (VM)

    Qualys Cloud Agents bring additional, continuous monitoring capabilities to our Vulnerability Management tools. This eliminates the need for establishing scanning windows or integrations with credential vaults for systems, as well as the need to actually know where a particular asset resides.

  • Policy Compliance (PC)

    Qualys Cloud Agents turn our Qualys Policy Compliance offering into a real-time solution and extends it to endpoints, which until now could not be assessed by traditional network scanning solutions.

  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

    Qualys Cloud Agents track and monitor critical assets for changes across diverse cloud and on-premises environments of all sizes, including the largest ones, in real-time.

  • Patch Management (PM)

    Qualys Cloud Agents deploy patches wherever an agent has been installed, including remote systems and public cloud assets.

  • Qualys Gateway Service (QGS)

    Qualys Gateway Service (QGS) lets your organization extend its Cloud Agent deployments into secured environments like highly locked down data centers and industrial networks where direct Internet access is restricted. Qualys QGS is a virtual appliance that is managed from the Enterprise TruRisk Platform. Learn more

All other Sensors

  • Qualys Passive Scanners - Included with all subscriptions

    Discover all known and unknown assets that connect to your network for real-time analysis of your data. Learn more

  • Qualys Virtual Scanners

    Software-only internal scanning. Works on premises, virtualized environments or in the cloud.

  • Qualys Scanner Appliances

    On-premises hardware (rack-spaced) scanners for internal networks.

  • Qualys Internet Scanners

    Cloud-based (hardware/rack-spaced) scanners for a hacker’s view of your perimeter.

  • Qualys Out-of-Band Sensors

    Secure highly locked-down devices and air-gapped networks. Learn more

  • Qualys Container Sensors

    Secure container environments across build, ship, and run. Learn more

  • Qualys Cloud Connectors

    Collect data from 3rd party cloud platforms and software.

  • Qualys REST APIs

    Collect data from 3rd parties such as threat intelligence feeds.

Cloud Platform Apps

Asset Management

  • Global AssetView - It’s Free!

    See what’s on your network at all times. Qualys GAV detects all IT assets everywhere, giving you a complete, categorized inventory that’s enriched with details, like vendor lifecycle information. Learn more

  • CMDB Sync

    Synchronize asset information from Qualys into ServiceNow CMDB. Qualys SYN is a certified app for automatically synchronizing data from Qualys Asset Inventory with the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database. Learn more

  • Certificate Inventory

    Inventory TLS/SSL digital certificates on a global scale. Qualys CRI is a next-generation cloud app for continuous and complete detection and cataloging of every certificate from any Certificate Authority. Learn more

IT Security

  • Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response

    Discover, assess, prioritize, and patch critical vulnerabilities in real-time and across your global hybrid-IT landscape — all from a single app. Qualys VMDR is the industry’s most advanced, scalable, and extensible solution for vulnerability management. Learn more

  • Threat Protection

    Pinpoint your most critical threats and prioritize patching. Qualys TP is the industry-leading solution for taking full control of evolving threats and identifying what to remediate first. Learn more

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Alerts you in real time about network irregularities. Qualys CM is a next-generation solution for identifying threats and monitoring unexpected network changes before they turn into breaches. Learn more

  • Patch Management

    Streamline and accelerate vulnerability remediation for all your IT assets. Qualys Patch Management automatically correlates vulnerabilities to patch deployments so you can remediate quickly, proactively, and consistently. Learn more

  • Endpoint Detection and Response

    Accurately detect and respond to attacks across all endpoints. Qualys Multi-Vector EDR brings a new multi-vector approach to EDR, providing vital context and full visibility into the entire attack chain – from prevention to detection to response. Learn more

  • Certificate Assessment

    Assess your digital certificates and TLS configurations. Qualys CRA is a next-generation cloud app for continuous monitoring, dynamic dashboarding and custom reporting of certificate issues and vulnerabilities. Learn more

  • SaaS Detection and Response

    Get continuous visibility into your SaaS applications and fix security and compliance issues. Qualys SaaSDR brings clarity and control into your SaaS stack by providing visibility of users/files/folders, proactive posture monitoring, and automated remediation of threats. Learn more

Cloud/Container Security

  • Cloud Inventory

    Monitor users, instances, networks, storage, databases and their relationships. Qualys CI is a next-generation cloud app for continuous inventory of resources and assets across public cloud platforms. Learn more

  • Cloud Security Assessment

    Continuously monitor and assess your cloud assets and resources for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments. Qualys CSA is a next-generation cloud app for unparalleled visibility and continuous security of public cloud infrastructure. Learn more

  • Container Security

    Discover, track, and continuously protect containers. Qualys CS is an industry-leading solution for addressing security of containers in DevOps pipelines and deployments across cloud and on-premises environments. Learn more

Web Application Security

  • Web Application Scanning

    Secure web applications with end-to-end protection. Qualys WAS is a robust solution for continuous web app discovery and detection of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Learn more

  • Web Application Firewall

    Block attacks and virtually patch web application vulnerabilities. Qualys WAF is the industry-leading solution for scalable, simple and powerful protection of web applications. Learn more


  • Policy Compliance

    Assess security configurations of IT systems throughout your network. Qualys PC is a next-gen solution for continuous risk reduction and compliance with internal policies and external regulations. Learn more

  • Security Configuration Assessment

    Automate configuration assessment of global IT assets. Qualys SCA lets you expand your VM programs with configuration scanning and simplified workflows to address configuration issues. Learn more

  • PCI Compliance

    Automate, simplify and attain PCI compliance quickly. Qualys PCI is the most accurate, easy and cost-effective solution for PCI compliance testing, reporting and submission. Learn more

  • File Integrity Monitoring

    Log and track file changes across global IT systems. Qualys FIM is a cloud solution for detecting and identifying critical changes, incidents, and risks resulting from normal and malicious events. Learn more

  • Security Assessment Questionnaire

    Minimize the risk of doing business with vendors and other third parties. Qualys SAQ is a transformative solution for automating and streamlining an organization’s vendor risk management process. Learn more

  • Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment

    Extend security and compliance to inaccessible assets, like air-gapped or locked-down systems. Qualys OCA detects vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in assets that can’t be assessed with scanners or agents, broadening your global IT asset visibility. Learn more

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