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The Qualys Private Cloud Platform enables MSSPs, enterprises, and government agencies to deliver Qualys’ award-winning security and compliance solutions from your own datacenter, and retain full control of all the underlying security data.

The suite includes:

The Platform is designed for extensibility to handle new Qualys applications in the future. See Entire Suite
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Key Benefits

  • Security Data Under Your ControlWith the Private Cloud Platform, all sensitive security and compliance data generated by Qualys are stored locally in your datacenter, under your control.
  • All-in-one Cloud ApplianceThe Private Cloud Platform combines the virtualized Qualys software with a self-contained, internally-redundant cloud appliance. The Platform comes pre-configured for your environment, allowing it to be deployed quickly. Qualys takes care of scaling the hardware to meet your needs, even as they grow.
  • Remote Management from QualysQualys’ Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors the health of your Private Cloud Platform 24x7x365. Qualys software updates are remotely managed by Qualys Operations personnel and KnowledgeBase of vulnerabilities is updated on a daily basis. All communication between the Private Cloud Platform and the SOC takes place over a secure VPN connection that you control.

Benefits for Managed Security Service Providers

Qualys Secure Operations Center
  • Updates
  • Monitoring
  • Management








Benefits for MSSPs Diagram

Key Benefits for MSSPs

  • Increase revenue and client loyaltySell co-branded Qualys services hosted in your own datacenters.
  • Address data sovereignty requirementsKeep sensitive security and compliance data local to your systems.
  • Add value to your other servicesIntegrate Qualys with your own products and services.
The Qualys Private Cloud Platform will enable us to offer our managed services to customer and, best of all,
present them with comprehensive security and compliance solutions from an industry leader.

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Benefits for Large Enterprises & Government Agencies



Qualys Secure Operations Center


  • Updates
  • Monitoring
  • Management


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Key Benefits for Large Enterprises & Government Agencies

  • Keep security data under your control - in your own datacenter
  • Use security data efficientlyTake advantage of high-bandwidth access to the actionable security intelligence generated by Qualys to enhance other enterprise systems.
Qualys helps us to make sure our network is secure and that our systems,
and those of our customers, are hardened as well.

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Qualys Private Cloud Platform Features

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Subscription Pricing

The Qualys Private Cloud Platform is offered as an annual, predictable-cost subscription. MSSPs wishing to resell Qualys services must also enroll in the Qualys Partners Program.

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