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    Advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization

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    Extend detection and response beyond the endpoint to the enterprise

Cloud Security

Qualys CyberSecurity Asset Management 3.0 with External Attack Surface Management

Assess the cyber risk across your entire attack surface.

CyberSecurity Asset Management 3.0 combines industry leading internal attack surface discovery capabilities with a groundbreaking EASM engine. Consolidate point solutions and pinpoint cyber risk across your attack surface.

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Eliminate unknowns from the attack surface in real time - New

Uncover 34% more assets in real time with built-in passive sensing for unmanaged IoT/OT devices. Complement industry-leading Qualys discovery sensors with third-party connectors to maintain 100% asset visibility.

Isolate the risk on your external attack surface - New

Quickly and accurately identify critical risks with industry-leading vulnerability detections, reducing 60% of false positives that result from basic banner-grabbing tools.

Assess the cyber risk of your entire asset inventory

Go beyond vulnerabilities to uncover risk factors such as EoL/EoS software, missing security controls, and risk open ports to drive accurate TruRisk prioritization and eliminate business risk.

Report and respond to risks

Create asset security health reports for PCI-DSS and FedRAMP, get automated, pre-defined alerts and take response actions like uninstalling unauthorized software

Transform your CMDB from out-of-date to up-to-date

Add missing assets to your CMDB and enrich assets (CIs) with cyber risk context such as EoL/EoS software, expired certificates, and missing agents. Close tickets up to 50% faster with complete and accurate assets with required context shared between IT and Security teams.

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