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Radically Simplifying Cloud-Native Security

Qualys TotalCloud extends the industry-leading accuracy of VMDR with cloud-native FlexScan assessments to unify Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection in a single view with risk insights. TotalCloud automates inventory, assessment, prioritization, and risk remediation via an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop workflow engine for continuous and zero-touch security from code to production cloud applications.

Comprehensive cloud-native assessment

Qualys FlexScan allows organizations to combine multiple cloud scanning options for the most accurate security assessment of their cloud environment. Zero-touch, agent-less cloud provider APIs, virtual appliance-based scanning, snapshot assessment and Qualys cloud agents.

Immediate multi-cloud posture insights

The unified cloud posture dashboard provides inventory, security and compliance posture insights across multi-cloud environments in minutes. Teams can easily identify and prioritize the misconfigurations that cause the highest risk with additional context on workload vulnerability and security posture.

Fast remediation with no-code, drag-and-drop workflows

The integration of QFlow technology into TotalCloud saves security and DevOps teams valuable time and resources. Automation and no-code, drag-and-drop workflows help simplify the time-consuming operational tasks of assessing vulnerabilities on ephemeral cloud assets, alerting on high-profile threats, remediating misconfigurations, and quarantining high-risk assets.

Unified security view to prioritize cloud risk with TruRisk

A single view of cloud security insights across cloud workloads, services and resources is provided via the console. Additionally, Qualys TruRisk quantifies security risk by workload criticality and vulnerability detections and correlates it with ransomware, malware and exploitation threat intelligence to prioritize, trace and reduce risk.

Shift-left security to catch issues early

TotalCloud provides shift-left security integrated into developers existing CI/CD tools to continuously assess cloud workloads, containers and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) artifacts. This allows for the rapid identification of security exposures and remediation steps during the development, build and pre-deployment stages while providing support for the major cloud providers including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

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