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Everything visible. Everything secure.

Unparalleled visibility, end-to-end IT security and compliance for all your assets

Qualys Cloud Platform

  • 2-second visibility across all your assets
  • Continuous assessment of your global security & compliance posture
  • Identify zero-day vulnerabilities and compromised assets
  • Consolidate all your security and compliance stacks
  • Secure your digital transformation
  • Drastically reduce your spend
CISOs: See how you can save time with Qualys

Designed from the ground up for the digital transformation.

Delivered as a Public or Private Cloud, Qualys helps businesses streamline their security and compliance solutions and build security into their digital transformation initiatives – for greater agility, better business outcomes, and substantial cost savings. It's Security Built In, Not Bolted On.TM

Consolidate your security and compliance stack in a single platform.

A new unified approach to prevention and response. Qualys Cloud Platform is an end-to-end solution that keeps your teams in sync.

  • Infrastructure Security
    Everything you need for on-premises data center security: asset inventory, passive and active scanning, vulnerability management, and more.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security
    You must secure the workloads being shifted to public clouds. With native AWS, Azure and Google Cloud integrations, Qualys gives you instant visibility into these instances and full security and compliance control.
  • Web App Security
    It’s never been easier for employees to bypass IT and install unsafe web apps. Qualys continually detects all your web apps – approved and unapproved – and provides continuous cloud-based protection.
  • Compliance
    You enforce compliance with complex internal policies, industry mandates and external regulations, and assess vendor risk. Qualys’ cloud-based solutions give you the clarity, control and flexibility you need to keep your organization compliant.
  • Endpoint Security
    The variety and quantity of endpoints on your network continue to rise, and so do security and compliance risks. With Qualys, you’ll continuously discover, track and protect PCs, laptops, IoT devices, smartphones, peripherals and other networked endpoints.
  • DevSecOps
    Qualys puts security into your DevOps environment, automating the detection of coding and configuration errors in your iterative, collaborative software development lifecycle, prioritizing vulnerability remediation, shielding web apps and flagging hacker intrusions.

Trusted globally

More than 10,300 businesses in 130 countries, including the majority of the companies in the Forbes 100, trust Qualys Cloud Platform with their IT security. It’s safer, simpler, and more cost effective.


The Qualys Cloud Platform simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple security solutions, while at the same time increasing the automation, effectiveness and proactive nature of security.”

Robert Ayoub Research Director, Security Products at IDC

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