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Qualys Cloud Detection and Response

Multi-cloud real-time threat detection

Get continuous cloud-native security, visibility, and compliance for your multi-cloud environment. Qualys Cloud Detection and Response dramatically improves your cloud security posture with its agentless, accurate and actionable discovery-powered by AI deep learning.

Qualys Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) allows your multi-cloud environment to be seen and protected in real time.

Detect Active Exploitation and Mitigate Runtime Risks

Qualys Cloud Detection Response inspects cloud network traffic for suspicious communications, unauthorized activity, crypto miners, malware, and C2 communications using deep-learning AI algorithms.

Detect Unknown Novel Threats

Threats are detected in near-real-time using deep-learning AI. Unlike legacy signature-based approaches, an AI-based approach can detect new threats from a myriad of data points.

Detect Threats at All Points of the Kill Chain

By inspecting network traffic, Qualys CDR can detect attacks at various points along the MITRE ATT&CK kill chain, thus providing additional protection against emerging cloud-based attacks.

No-friction Agentless Multi-cloud Deployment

Agentless multi-cloud deployment enables rapid time-to-value across multiple clouds.

Better Improved Risk Prioritization Based on Runtime Data

Qualys CDR improves your security, identifies assets that are being actively probed, and automatically takes the necessary action.

Qualys CDR provides sub-second identification of both known and unknown threats with near 100% accuracy, and natively works with cloud infrastructures for visibility and enforcement

Qualys CDR connects to your cloud infrastructure in an agentless manner in minutes. By using your Cloud Service Providers’ native APIs, Qualys CDR collects raw data ranging from resources in every region, in every account, their configurations, cloud control plane activity, network activity, storage activity, and serverless packages.

Qualys CDR includes deep-learning AI capabilities that can detect novel and unknown threats and detect stealthy attackers by inspecting cloud network and cloud activity logs. As part of the cloud kill chain, active exploitation detection is enabled, ensuring workloads are protected prior to launch and during execution.

Qualys Cloud Detection and Response Key Features

Command and Control, Including Beaconing

An analysis of north-south traffic such as beaconing can identify specific threat actors or malware communicating with their command centers.

Data Exfiltration

If an asset is compromised, Qualys CDR reveals potential data exfiltration attempts in cloud assets connected to the internet.

Initial Access and Brute-Forcing

Qualys CDR identifies exploits of a public-facing application or a misconfiguration to block the offending hosts, then prioritizes the victim assets and configurations for remediation or patching.

Find Malware

Malware files are inspected in the network using deep-learning AI. The deep-learning algorithms detect malware in less than a second with high accuracy.

Meeting the Modern Security Challenge

Qualys Cloud Detection and Response Platform allows your multi-cloud environment to be seen and protected in real time.

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