See Qualys exhibiting at the following industry trade shows:

Jan 15
SIGS Kick Off : IT Security Strategy 2015
Dietikon, Switzerland
Jan 16 – 18
ShmooCon 2015
Washington, DC
Jan 20 – 21
FIC 2015
Lille Grand Palais, France
Jan 26 – 28
OWASP AppSec California 2015
Santa Monica, CA
Jan 27 – 28
Cyber Security for Critical Assets USA
Houston, TX
Feb 10 – 11
The European Information Security Summit
London, UK
Feb 12
CEP Global Risk Round Table
London, UK
Feb 12
CIO Summit 2015
Haarlem, The Netherlands
Feb 18
IDC IT Security Roadshow, Kiev
Kiev, Ukraine
Feb 19 – 20
StrategieTage IT Security
Bensberg, Germany

Qualys hosts ongoing regional conferences for security professionals to meet and learn with your peers. Our conferences accommodate a forum to share information on a variety of technical topics such as vulnerability management, policy compliance, risk management, etc. Participation at Qualys customer and prospect events is an excellent, free way to receive technical content, education and to engage with your peers.

Feb 18
QSC Dubai 2015
Dubai, UAE

See Qualys speaking at the following industry trade shows:

Date: January 20, 2015 – 11:30 AM CET
Topic: 2015 : l’année de la supervision continue (« Continuous Monitoring ») et de la sécurité analytique via le cloud souverain
Event: FIC 2015
Location: Lille Grand Palais, France
Qualys Speaker: Philippe Courtot, Chairman & CEO de Qualys, Inc.

Date: January 26, 2015 – 8:00 AM PST
Topic: Anatomy of memory scraping, credit card stealing POS malware
Event: AppSec California
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Qualys Speaker: Amol Sarwate

Date: February 25, 2015 – 2:36 PM PST
Topic: Bridging the Divide Between Security and Operations Teams
Event: CSO50 ConFab
Location: Amelia Island, FL
Qualys Speaker: Jonathan Trull

Date: March 23, 2015 – 1:30 PM EDT
Topic: 2015 SCADA Security Challenges and Mitigation
Event: InfoSec World 2015
Location: Orlando, FL
Qualys Speaker: Amol Sarwate

Date: April 22, 2015 – 3:50 PM AEST
Topic: Building Hardware Hacking Tools Likes its for Hollywood
Event: Australian Cyber Security Centre Conference
Location: Canberra
Qualys Speaker: Silvio Cesare

Date: April 27, 2015 – 2:30 PM GST
Topic: Before the Breach – actions to protect your data from attacks!
Event: GISEC 2015
Location: Dubai, UAE
Qualys Speaker: Hadi Jaafarawi, Managing Director Middle East

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