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Endpoint security solutions.

Continuously discover and monitor IT assets on your network.

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Qualys’ cloud-based platform uniquely provides real-time visibility of IT security and compliance posture on a global scale.

John Wheeler Vice President, Services Strategy and Offering Management

So many endpoint devices, so many threats. You’ve got your hands full. Qualys can help.

You must protect all networked endpoints – PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, IoT devices. It can feel like herding cats. The growing universe of devices presents myriad security challenges. Enter the Qualys Cloud Platform.

  • Continuous, real-time visibility

    Gives you complete visibility into all your endpoints, their hardware specs, installed software, locations, users, vulnerabilities, exploits, and misconfigurations

  • Patching and remediation prioritization

    Automatically prioritize the riskiest vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on the most critical assets

  • Detect and stop advanced attacks

    Automatically detect suspicious activity and ensure advanced attacks and breaches are stopped

  • Hunt for threats and investigate

    Carry out speedy threat hunting and investigations using unprecedented multi-vector context, real-time forensics and sophisticated visualizations

  • Respond and remediate incidents in real time

    Stop attacks before they become breaches. Comprehensive response actions allow you to not only contain and investigate compromised endpoints, but also prevent future attacks by patching software and fixing misconfigurations

Qualys has everything you need to discover, track, and manage IT assets.

Discover and inventory all endpoints

For strong endpoint security, you need a complete and continuously updated inventory of these devices, such as PCs, laptops, IoT wares, peripherals and more. Qualys automatically discovers, normalizes and catalogs all your endpoint devices and captures their details— such as running services, installed software, traffic, hardware/software lifecycles, software licenses, vulnerabilities, and surfaces the information via custom dashboards, automated reports and search queries.

Find and address vulnerabilities

Most breaches exploit known bugs. Removing these attack vectors from your endpoint devices thwarts hackers. Using both active scanning and agent-based monitoring, Qualys flags endpoints’ vulnerabilities with Six Sigma (99.99966%) accuracy. You can easily assign remediation tickets, manage exceptions, list patches, and generate different role-based reports. With Qualys, you can also address security-related configuration issues, a major source of recent breaches. Qualys automates configuration assessment of endpoint devices through out-of-the-box certified policies from the Center for Internet Security (CIS), and simplified workflows for scanning and reporting.

Prioritize remediation

With thousands of vulnerabilities disclosed annually, you can’t patch all of them in your endpoint devices. You must pinpoint critical ones requiring immediate attention. Qualys automates this intensive data analysis process. By continuously correlating real-time threat information against your vulnerabilities and IT assets, Qualys gives you a full view of your endpoint threat landscape.

Comply with policies and regulations

You must ensure your endpoint devices are compliant with internal IT policies, industry mandates like PCI and government regulations like HIPAA and the EU’s GDPR. Qualys automates assessment of these assets’ security and compliance controls in order to demonstrate a repeatable and trackable process to auditors and stakeholders.

Detect malware

Qualys flags indicators of compromise pointing to malware attacks that your antivirus products may miss. With our Cloud Agents, we gather IoC data from endpoint devices, whether they’re always or intermittently connected to your network. Qualys stores, processes, indexes, and analyzes this IoC data to help with multiple use cases, including malware detection and elimination.

Detect and respond to suspicious activity and attacks

In order to stop breaches across thousands of endpoints on or off the network, you need continuous, real-time visibility and context into the entire attack chain. Qualys’s new multi-vector approach and the unifying power of its Cloud Platform provides a complete, accurate risk-based response for endpoint protection. It does this by unifying different context vectors like asset discovery, rich normalized software inventory, end of life visibility, vulnerabilities and exploits, mis-configurations, in-depth endpoint telemetry, and network reachability with a powerful backend to correlate it all for accurate assessment, detection and response.

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