Qualys VMDR TruRiskTM for Mid-Sized Business

De-risk your mid-sized business with the solution that scales with your business needs and IT complexity, including vulnerability management, patch management, endpoint security, and anti-malware/ransomware.

Measure, communicate, and eiminate cyber risk in your growing business

There’s no reason why growing businesses should tolerate more cyber risk than Fortune 100 companies, and there’s no reason they should have to pay more for features they don’t use. Qualys offers a variety of packages and flexible pricing to meet mid-sized businesses where they are, with the ability to scale their needs from a single platform and single agent.

Low TCO and Flexible Pricing

Easily deploy with no hardware; automatically updated software.

Protection from Ransomware

Reduce critical vulnerabilities by 85% and remediate up to 40% faster.

Compliance and Enforcement

Automatically detect and block malware and ransomware attacks.

Streamlined Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

Satisfy compliance and regulatory directives, including PCI, HIPAA, CIS, and more.

Protect your mid-sized business

Scan with


Six Sigma scanning accuracy to detect all risk

Intelligence from

1+ Trillion

security events per year

Data from

6+ Billion

IP scans and audits per year

Minimize point solutions. Maximize risk protection.

De-risk your growing business with a single platform for vulnerability management, remediation, and endpoint protection. Detect critical threats up to 6x faster with risk-based prioritization from 25+ threat intelligence feeds. Bundle VMDR TruRiskTM with Patch Management and Anti-Malware protection to consolidate solutions, simplify workflows, and reduce cyber risk® with Patch Management and Anti-Virus protection to bolster your small business cybersecurity program.


Enterprise-grade VMDR functionality

  • Comprehensive asset discovery
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Standard and custom reporting
  • API support
  • Threat intelligence
  • TruRisk prioritization
  • Scan external assets
  • PCI ASV assessment
  • Configuration assessment
  • SSL certificate management
  • Patch detection and CVE correlation
  • Unified dashboard
Starting at $2,195


TruRisk + Remediation

  • Patch operating systems
  • Automated patch deployment
  • Custom remediation
  • Patch third-party applications
  • Cloud-based patching
Starting at $2,995

VMDR TruRiskTM ProtectIT

TruRisk + Remediation + Anti-Virus

  • Antivirus and anti-malware protection
  • Incident response
  • Native VMDR integration
  • Threat hunting
Starting at $4,645

VMDR TruRisk-FixIT has changed the way we address cybersecurity risks, allowing us to focus our limited resources on the biggest challenges.

Jeff Sturm

VP of Data Solutions & IT at White Glove

VMDR raises the maturity of our vulnerability management platform to the next level, driving the reduction of imminent risk without leaving the Qualys Platform.

George Bellefontaine

Manager of Vulnerability Management at Toyota Financial Services

No software to download or install Seamlessly deploy Cloud Agents and add users to measure, communicate, and eliminate cyber risk throughout your business.

Protect your mid-sized business. Focus on what matters most.

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