DevOps Security Solutions

Get security insights into your cloud ecosystem, from build to run

What is DevOps Security?

Building, testing, and launching applications is now iterative and collaborative across development and IT operations. Unite your teams and de-risk the development cycle by testing for vulnerabilities at every stage with comprehensive Qualys solutions.

De-risk every phase of the development cycle

Case Study: How Cisco secures software development

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Misconfiguration and vulnerability detection 

Catch configuration errors throughout development before launching apps in production.

Prioritize remediation 

Pinpoint the most critical vulnerabilities present in new code so you can eliminate the biggest risks right away. 

Compliance assurance

Verify that your code is compliant with your internal policies and external regulations as applications are developed.

Intrusion vigilance 

Identify indicators of compromise so your combined development, operations, QA, and security team responds and secures systems immediately.

As soon as we introduced Qualys’ APIs into the environment, we cut the time to less than 24 hours.

Emmanuel Enaohwo

Senior Manager for Vulnerability / Configuration Management

Drive security and compliance in DevOps with Qualys TruRisk

Break down DevSecOps silos and measure risk from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with a single metric.

Powered by the Enterprise TruRiskTM Platform

The Enterprise TruRisk Platform provides you with a unified view of your entire cyber risk posture so you can efficiently aggregate and measure all Qualys & non-Qualys risk factors in a unified view, communicate cyber risk with context to your business, and go beyond patching to eliminate the risk that threatens the business in any area of your attack surface.

Your security tools should evolve as you evolve.

The Enterprise TruRisk Platform grows with you as you adopt new technology, like containers, or add security and compliance controls.

Scale security and compliance

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