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Welcome to the Qualys Certification and Training Center where you can take free training courses with up-to-date hands-on labs featuring the latest Qualys Suite features and best practices. Available self-paced, in-person and online

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Take free self-paced or instructor-led certified training on core Qualys topics, and get certified.

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Watch individual videos to learn specific skills and techniques with Qualys.

Asset Inventory & IT Security:

Qualys Subscription Health Learn how to manage your Qualys subscription health
CSAM: See your attack surface like an attacker would This video series helps you identify security gaps and respond to them. Protect your online assets and cybersecurity posture with EASM by identifying them before hackers do.
External Attack Surface Management - Onboarding Quickly discover all external-facing assets, set up continuous monitoring, and lower your organization's cyber risk.
Network Passive Sensor Automatically detect and profile all network-connected systems, eliminating blind spots across your IT environment.
Qualys Scanner Appliance This video series focuses on Qualys Scanner Appliance deployment and troubleshooting.
VMDR with TruRisk Get started with the basics of Vulnerability Management. Learn how to organize assets, scan for vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation, and create effective reports and dashboards.
Scanning Strategies Dive into the vulnerability scanning process and strategy within an enterprise.
Reporting Strategies Dive into the vulnerability reporting process and strategy within an enterprise.
Continuous Monitoring Get alerts in real time about network irregularities.
Qualys Query Language Build search queries in the UI to fetch data from your subscription.
Qualys API Fundamentals Learn the basics of the Qualys API.
Certificate View Get an inventory of your certificates, configure as per best practices, and assess them for vulnerabilities
Patch Management Accelerate vulnerability remediation for all your global IT assets
Patch Management - Onboarding Quickly reduce risk and set up automated jobs with Patch Management.
How-to: EDR Walk through the steps for configuring Qualys EDR.
Custom Assessment and Remediation (CAR) Learn to create reusable custom detections and remediations, including deploying custom configurations and applications.

Cloud and Container Security:

Web Application Security: