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Traditional XDR solutions are difficult to install and lack the context needed by SOC analysts to understand the business impact of an incident. Without a complete understanding of the enterprise’s risk posture and asset criticality accurate prioritization of incidents isn’t possible.

Qualys Context XDR changes the game by providing this crucial data to incident responders when they need it most — all in a single, cloud-based app.

Qualys Cloud Agent speeds adoption

Quickly collect endpoint telemetry and logs using the lightweight Qualys Cloud Agent. The one-click profile enablement speeds implementation providing faster time to value as well as offering a compelling agent consolidation strategy.

Extend detection beyond the endpoint to the enterprise

Context XDR gathers up-to-the-second log and telemetry data from your enterprises’ third-party solutions and triangulates it with asset risk posture, criticality, and threat intelligence to detect threats and create high fidelity alerts.

Augment compliance efforts with the Qualys Cloud Data Lake

Context XDR includes 6 months of highly scalable, always on cloud storage with the option to add as much as your enterprise needs. Make compliance audit reporting quick and easy from the single Qualys Cloud Platform enabled console.

Hunt and analyze data across attack vectors

Search current events in real time or go back in time to hunt for historical events and match current indicators with past behavior. Featuring inline query help, command suggestions and syntax validation, Qualys Query Language makes it easy to query across multiple sources for events of interest.

Quickly remediate threats and harden against future attacks

Leverage the Qualys Cloud Agent to kill processes and network connections, quarantine files, remove exploits, patch software, fix misconfigurations, uninstall software, and much more!

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