Cloud Platform

Public cloud integrations.

Total visibility of your public cloud deployments.

Cloud computing platform providers operate on a “shared security responsibility” model, meaning you still must protect your workloads in the cloud. Qualys can help.

  • Identify, classify, and monitor assets and vulnerabilities
  • Comply with internal and external policies
  • Prioritize vulnerability remediation
  • Automatically find and eradicate malware infections on your websites

Security built in to AWS – not bolted on.

Complete visibility, and end-to-end IT security and compliance of your AWS deployments and hybrid IT.


Built for AWS with Transparent OrchestrationTM

Qualys’ offerings for AWS follow our Transparent Orchestration principle: They simplify AWS security by eliminating friction, and making it intuitive and automated. We accomplish that via Qualys’ native integration with AWS.

2-second visibility across all workloads and PaaS resources

Qualys provides instant, full visibility into your AWS deployments, with details on how instances are being secured and what workloads and resources are running on them.

Continuous assessment of your global security and compliance posture

Qualys continuously monitors and assesses your AWS assets and resources for security issues, misconfigurations and non-standard deployments.

Identify zero-day vulnerabilities and compromised assets

With Qualys, you can continuously detect vulnerabilities, including zero-day bugs being exploited in the wild, pinpoint the AWS assets requiring immediate fixes and prioritize remediation.

Visibility of your AWS deployments

Total visibility of your AWS cloud infrastructure and workloads through a central “single-pane-of-glass” interface.

  • 360-degree view of all AWS assets across multiple accounts, regions from a centralized UI

  • Lower cost

  • Ease of use

  • Nothing to install nor manage

AWS workload security

Improve risk detection, prevention and response by performing a full set of security and compliance checks on your EC2 Instances, databases and web applications.

  • Vulnerability management

  • Policy compliance

  • File integrity monitoring

  • Indication of compromise

  • Web app scanning / firewall

  • Asset inventory and assessment

  • Other critical tasks

AWS infrastructure security

Monitor and assess your AWS environment against the CIS (Center for Internet Security) AWS Foundations Benchmark. Identify threats caused by misconfigurations, unauthorized access, and non-standard deployments. Get access to clear remediation recommendations, so that, you can maintain a solid security posture across your AWS resources like VPC, Security Groups, S3, IAM Users, RDS, through automated, continuous assessments.

AWS container security

The Qualys Container Security (CS) product provides security coverage from the build to the deployment stages. Monitor and protect container-native applications on AWS without disrupting your existing Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Assess the contents of container images for vulnerabilities, control which images are deployed, gain visibility into runtime application activity, and also automatically enforce normal application behavior.

It detects vulnerabilities and compliance issues with Docker images in the build pipeline and in AWS ECR, identifies behavioral anomalies and protects container runtime deployed on AWS ECS, EKS and Fargate.

Native integration with AWS security hub

Natively integrate findings from the Qualys Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance and Cloud Security Assessment apps into AWS Security Hub. Get real time visibility into your security and compliance posture directly in the AWS console. Benefit from insights gained from the correlation of Qualys information with other data in AWS Security Hub to enable faster detection and prioritization of risks in AWS environments, enabling rapid automated remediation actions.
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DevSecOps in AWS

Qualys Cloud Platform, with its robust APIs and native integrations with key DevOps tools, lets you build security into every function in the CI/CD tool chain. This allows developers and ops staff to do security checks, and enables security teams to provide support at the pace of DevOps. Qualys Cloud Agents can be easily embedded into the AMIs or installed on instances. This gives you an ideal way to integrate security at the source and provide complete visibility for elastic cloud workloads. Learn how our customers have implemented DevSecOps, and how you can do it as well.

Capital One

Integrating Qualys into DevOps on AWS - Building a Secure AMI Bakery

Capital One

Achieving Instant Visibility of Enterprise Risk Posture

How it works

Sensors for securing AWS

Qualys Cloud Platform sensors are always on, giving you continuous 2-second visibility of all your AWS assets. Remotely deployable, centrally managed and self-updating, the sensors come as physical or virtual appliances, or lightweight agents.

AWS Connector

Sync AWS EC2 instances, resources and their associated metadata

Virtual Scanners

Remotely scan instances across VPCs and Regions with pre-authorized scanners

Cloud Agents

Collect data in real time with our lightweight agent

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Internet Scanners

Perform fast and efficient external scans

Container Sensor

Assess and monitor container security and compliance

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Web Application Firewall

Actively block intrusions and secure web applications

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Internal network scanning

Virtual Scanner Appliance

The Virtual Scanner Appliance for Azure, available in Azure Marketplace, enables Qualys scanning of Azure virtual machines. It provides the same capabilities as our regular scanner appliance and supports all Azure commercial regions and a selection of compute instance sizes. The virtual scanner appliance for Azure is a stateless resource which acts as an extension of the Qualys Cloud Platform and is not a separately managed entity.

Cloud Agent

Azure Security Center – a unified security management and monitoring console – now detects Azure virtual machines and deploys the lightweight Qualys Cloud Agents in bulk to them. The agents gather vulnerability data and send it to the Qualys Cloud Platform, which in turn, provides vulnerability and system health monitoring data back to Azure Security Center.

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Qualys’ continuous security platform enables Azure customers to easily and automatically detect and identify misconfigured or vulnerable systems or apps, helping them better face the challenges of growing cloud workloads.

Nicole Herskowitz Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Platform at Microsoft
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Perimeter scanning

All Public and Elastic IP addresses and public URLs may be targeted using Qualys Internet Remote Scanners, deployed in Qualys data centers and available as part of standard Qualys services.

Google Cloud Platform

The availability of Qualys on Google Cloud Platform offers our customers consistent security tools across private and public clouds as they migrate, deploy and evolve workloads.

Adam Massey Director, Strategic Technology Partners at Google Cloud
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