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Cloud Security

Qualys PCI On Demand.

The #1 Cloud-based PCI Compliance Solution.

64% of all ASVs use Qualys to assess PCI Compliance.

More than 70 of the approximately 110 services organizations currently certified to assess PCI compliance have adopted the Qualys PCI On Demand platform for providing PCI-related services to their clients.

Why partner with us?

Streamlined and user-friendly

The Qualys PCI cloud solution streamlines the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance process. By providing a swift and precise service to your customers, they’ll feel confident they’re properly protecting from breaches the cardholder information that they handle at every stage: collection, storage, processing and transmission.

Accurate and transparent

Qualys PCI scans all Internet-facing networks and systems with Six Sigma (99.9996%) accuracy, generates easy-to-use reports and provides detailed patching instructions for each vulnerability discovered. As an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) by the PCI Security Standards Council, Qualys fulfills requirements such as scanning without disrupting systems and never installing software without approval, so you deliver the best customer experience.

Automated submissions

Once you have met the validation actions, an auto-submission feature completes the process by sending the compliance status report to the acquiring banks, further increasing the convenience and value you’re able to offer to your customers. Qualys PCI also makes it possible to download PCI compliance reports in PDF for submission to the acquiring banks or to assist in remediation efforts.

Benefits of Qualys PCI On Demand

  • Agility

    Qualys PCI gives partners the ability to easily sign up merchants and clients for PCI testing and to integrate the PCI compliance process with other security engagements, so you can offer your customers the convenience of one-stop shopping while maximizing your revenue per customer.

  • Efficiency

    Partners and security consultants can dramatically improve engagement efficiency by reducing or eliminating on-site time for PCI testing, tool maintenance, data consolidation, false-positive elimination and report generation. With Qualys PCI, you can deliver self-service PCI scanning capabilities while closely managing the PCI process to reduce compliance risk.

  • Flexibility

    Qualys PCI gives you myriad options so you can meet the requirements of any and all of your customers. For example, it lets you monitor all assets on premises and in private, public or hybrid clouds; conveniently scan networks in segments; scan on a set schedule or on an ad hoc manner; and generate both executive and technical reports.

  • Peace of mind

    As a certified PCI scanning solution, Qualys PCI gives partners the tools they need to evaluate the security of a merchant’s entire network, prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk, and promptly and conveniently remediate vulnerabilities.

Become a PCI Partner

Two levels of partnership are available through the PCI On Demand Partner program. The program gives partners generous margins based on their level of certification.