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Over 69% of all ASVs currently certified to assess
PCI Compliance are Qualys certified

Become a PCI Partner

Two levels of partnership are available through the PCI On Demand Partner program. The program gives partners generous margins based on their level of certification.

Become a PCI Partner

Qualys PCI On Demand Partner Program

The PCI On Demand Partner Program enables partners and security consultants to immediately launch a PCI compliance program to help clients achieve continuous PCI compliance status. Using the Qualys PCI platform, Qualys' global partners can deliver self-service PCI scanning capabilities to merchants and financial institutions, while closely managing the PCI process to reduce compliance risk for their customers.

As a certified PCI scanning solution, Qualys PCI gives partners the tools they need to accurately and efficiently evaluate the security of a merchant's entire network, prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk, and remediate vulnerabilities in a timely and cost-effective manner.

More than 60 of the approximately 150 services organizations currently certified to assess PCI compliance are Qualys certified partners, and have adopted the Qualys PCI On Demand platform for providing PCI-related services to their clients.

PCI On Demand provides partners with a fully automated process to manage clients' PCI compliance from start to finish, including:

  • Qualys PCI Web application to setup customers and manage the PCI compliance process
  • Automated tools for managing clients' false positives
  • Customization of reports to include partner's PCI certification number and logo

PCI On Demand gives partners the ability to easily sign up merchants and clients for PCI testing and to integrate the PCI compliance process with other security engagements. Partners and security consultants can dramatically improve engagement efficiency by reducing or eliminating on-site time for PCI testing, tool maintenance, data consolidation, false positive elimination and report generation.

PCI On Demand Partner Benefits:

  • Partners are able to provide a high-value, in-demand service to address their customers' increasing data security and PCI compliance concerns
  • Highly accurate, on demand security assessments allow consultants to dramatically reduce their engagement costs for one-time engagements and ongoing security services
  • Third-party, tamper resistant audit trails, a key PCI requirement
  • Margins for reselling Qualys PCI subscriptions
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