Policy Compliance

One Platform. One Agent. Complete Policy Compliance.

Reduce security breach and compliance risks seamlessly with a single cloud solution

Boost compliance

coverage from

900 policies

20,000 controls, 350 technologies, and 100 regulations



28% improvement

by adding PC to VMDR

Improve security

posture with

79% increase

to security hardening score

Reduce risks and always be audit-ready

Go beyond vulnerability management (VM) and security configuration assessment (SCA) to reduce security breach and compliance risks with a single cloud solution, multiple sensors, robust policy library, and seamless integration.

The solution we had in place could not scale to our growing requirements. We spent more time managing agents than managing our compliance. Qualys was easy to use, easy to deploy and allows us to focus on what we do best, which is manage risk.

Auto-discovery based assessment is a blessing for managing the config risk of our ephemeral middleware technologies.

CIS benchmark reports help us know misconfigurations, but ‘mandate-based’ reports allow us to show compliance flowing per NIST requirements, just the way auditors want.

Ease of creating custom controls, modifying out of the box controls helped reduce time to create, assess, report compliance from 2 hours to a couple of minutes.

Full coverage for most regulations

Coverage for most of the requirements for PCI DSS 4.0, HIPAA 2023, GDPR, PSD2, DORA, FINRA, CCPA, ISO, and many other regulations.

Mitigate security and compliance risks

Leverage 900 policies, 20,000 controls, 350 technologies, and 100 regulations for compliance; gain up to 81 percent coverage against MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques compared to only 53 percent with VM alone.

Harden cybersecurity posture

Misconfigurations account for most security breaches. Simplify, expand, and automate compliance for the latest mandates while increasing your security hardening score to 79 percent compared to only 51 percent with other solutions

Save time and effort

Go beyond VM and SCA to reduce security breach and compliance risks with a single cloud solution, multiple sensors, robust policy library, and seamless integration

Single pane of glass and robust reporting

A single solution and agent collect and analyze telemetry to meet most compliance requirements. Identify and remediate issues efficiently, manage mandates within a single pane of glass, and generate audit-friendly reports.

Complete compliance with lower costs

Enable automatic documentation of compliance with a status check of to ensure the controls for regulatory requirements are in place and are doing their respective jobs.

Meet on-demand audit requirements

Regulatory-centric reporting templates make it easy to produce custom reports quickly to satisfy “on-demand” auditor requirements.

Powered by the Enterprise TruRiskTM Platform

The Enterprise TruRisk Platform provides you with a unified view of your entire cyber risk posture so you can efficiently aggregate and measure all Qualys & non-Qualys risk factors in a unified view, communicate cyber risk with context to your business, and go beyond patching to eliminate the risk that threatens the business in any area of your attack surface.

Qualys TotalCloud™ Cybersecurity Asset Management Dashboard

Reduce risks, audit failures, and easily comply with policies and regulations.

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