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    Advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization

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    Extend detection and response beyond the endpoint to the enterprise

Cloud Security

Qualys Policy Compliance

Reduce security breaches, audit failures, and brand damage

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“The solution we had in place could not scale to our growing requirements. We spent more time managing agents than in managing our compliance. Qualys was easy to use, easy to deploy and allows us to focus on what we do best, which is manage risk.”

Global IT Security Manager, Large Financing Company

Reduce risks and easily comply with policies and regulations

Reduce risks and easily comply with policies and regulations

Qualys Policy Compliance benefits

Nearly 60 percent of PCI Approved Scanning Vendors and 50 percent of Qualified Security Assessors rely on Qualys

Save time

Qualys Policy Compliance (PC) goes beyond vulnerability management (VM) and security configuration assessment (SCA) to reduce security breach and compliance risks with a single cloud solution, multiple sensors, robust policy library, and seamless integration. Automated remediation, auto-discovery of assets, and custom reporting can reduce manual tasks by up to 98 percent.

Reduce risks

Misconfigurations account for most security breaches, which can lead to data theft, lawsuits, brand damage, and audit failures. Qualys PC helps you avoid security risks and compliance issues by simplifying, expanding, and automating compliance for the latest mandates including PCI-DSS 4.0, HIPAA 2023, CCPA, GDPR, PSD2, CISA, and many more. PC can help increase your security hardening score to 79 percent as compared to only 51 percent with SCA.

Lower costs

Qualys PC lowers costs and ensures you are always audit ready by automating the labor-intensive process of assessing and managing security configurations, settings, and controls. Qualys PC offers 850 out-of-the-box policies, 19,000 controls, 350 technologies, and 100 regulations and frameworks. Using PC can ensure up to 81 percent coverage against MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques as compared to only 53 percent for VM.


of cloud breaches will be caused by misconfigurations and mistakes


PC prioritizes misconfigurations based on:

  • Ransomware risks
  • MITRE tactics and techniques
  • Regulatory compliance objectives
  • Asset business criticality

PC reduces risks for misconfigurations and audit failures

  • ServiceNow & ITSM ticketing
  • Rules-based alerts sent to the right teams
  • Auto-remediation with out-of-the-box scripts & customization
  • Start compliant & stay compliant with CI/CD scanning

PC improves MITRE ATT&CK coverage

  • Up to 81 percent coverage with PC
  • Only 53 percent coverage with VM
  • Up to 86 percent coverage with PC + VM
  • Interactive editor to organize controls

PC reduces risks for misconfigurations and audit failures

  • Reduces compliance blind-spots
  • Validates compliance for auditors and stakeholders
  • Pre-built library of 60+ mandates mapped to controls
  • Custom reports for on-demand audits

MITRE ATT&CK Tactics & Techniques Coverage


Vulnerability Management (VM)

Vulnerability Management


Policy Compliance and VM

Policy Compliance

Qualys Policy Compliance

Discover & inventory

assets for control assessment and compliance with auto discovery


Out-of-the-box policies

Assess & prioritize

falling controls for compliance based on mandates & threat intel and risk


Controls + Custom scripting

Monitor & remediate

failed controls for compliance and become audit ready quickly



Unified tracking

of compliance to security standards, regulations & frameworks in a single-pane-of-glass.


Regulations and Frameworks

Qualys is a tremendous business partner, willing to work with us, listen to our needs, and helping us drive positive business outcomes. ​We improved our compliance posture by over 50% through this partnership and by leveraging automation.”

CISO, MUFG (world’s 4th largest bank)

Policy Compliance Return on Investment (ROI)


Potential cost savings & risk reduction

Improve compliance and security

  • 55%+ higher security hardening score
  • Fills gaps not covered by CIS assessments alone

Improve functionality and CIS management

  • 86% MITRE mapping vs. 53% with only VM
  • Auto-remediate, auto-discovery, custom reporting, etc.

Reduce time and effort

  • Up to 98% time savings**
  • TE & tools reduction from $1M to $575K*

Prevent security breaches and audit failures

  • Improve compliance posture by 50%
  • Potential $4M average breach cost savings

Reduce security and compliance risks

  • Shift staff to priority security tasks
  • Proactively reduce attack surfaces

*Average burdened cost for one cybersecurity professional, source: ZipRecruiter
**MUFG case study + tool costs for 100K assets

Auto-discovery based assessment is a blessing for managing the config risk of our ephemeral middleware technologies.

(250K assets, ASV $800K, < VMDR ASV)

CIS benchmark reports help us know misconfigurations, but ‘mandate-based’ reports allow us to show compliance flowing per NIST requirements, just the way auditors want.

Ease of creating custom controls, modifying out of the box controls helped reduce time to create, assess, report compliance from 2 hours to a couple of minutes.

Automatically Discover and Secure Applications

  • Discover webservers, databases, office apps, and browsers installed in non-default locations
  • Report and Assess Instances Individually
  • Continuous real-time assessment with cloud agent
Compliant with Auto Remediation
Compliant with Auto Remediation

Comply with 100+ Mandates & Regulations

Stay ahead of changing regulatory landscape

  • Automated control mapping to common regulations and frameworks across the globe
  • Identify and close regulatory compliance gaps
  • Always audit ready

Start & Stay Compliant with Auto Remediation

  • Detect and remediate misconfigurations at scale
  • Eliminate cyber risk posed by any misconfigurations or vulnerabilities
  • Out of box fully customizable library of remediation policies
  • Gold policies for auto remediation through CICD pipelines
  • Policy enforcement
Compliant with Auto Remediation

CIS Configuration vs. Management

Assessment (SCA, Others)

  • Entry-level compliance solution
  • CIS and configuration assessments
  • Manual processes, ticketing, remediation
  • No customized compliance reporting
  • No auto-discovery
  • 98% more time and cost

Management (Qualys PC)

  • Advanced compliance with CIS & configuration management
  • 850 polices & 19K controls mitigate audit failures
  • Out-of-the-box policies reduce efforts from days to minutes
  • Custom reporting & dashboard ensure you’re audit ready
  • Auto-discovery & OCA coverage eliminate blind spots
  • 98% less time and cost

Most security breaches are caused by misconfigurations resulting in downtime, litigation, and brand damage.

Powered by Enterprise TruRisk Platform

Single-pane-of-glass UI

See the results in one place, in seconds. With AssetView, security and compliance pros and managers get a complete and continuously updated view of all IT assets — from a single dashboard interface. Its fully customizable and lets you see the big picture, drill down into details, and generate reports for teammates and auditors. Its intuitive and easy-to-build dynamic dashboards to aggregate and correlate all of your IT security and compliance data in one place from all the various Qualys Cloud Apps. With its powerful elastic search clusters, you can now search for any asset – on-premises, endpoints and all clouds – with 2-second visibility.

Centralized & customized

Centralize discovery of host assets for multiple types of assessments. Organize host asset groups to match the structure of your business. Keep security data private with our end-to-end encryption and strong access controls. You can centrally manage users’ access to their Qualys accounts through your enterprise’s single sign-on (SSO). Qualys supports SAML 2.0-based identity service providers.

Easy deployment

Deploy from a public or private cloud — fully managed by Qualys. With Qualys, there are no servers to provision, software to install, or databases to maintain. You always have the latest Qualys features available through your browser, without setting up special client software or VPN connections.

Scalable and extensible

Scale up globally, on demand. Integrate with other systems via extensible XML-based APIs. You can use Qualys with a broad range of security and compliance systems, such as GRC, ticketing systems, SIEM, ERM, and IDS.

Qualys Cloud Portfolio

Qualys Compliance Portfolio

Multi-Cloud Protection

AWS Google Cloud Platform Azure

Qualys GovCloud helps ensure government organizations with cloud workloads, including virtual machines (VMs) and cloud instances or containers, are secure and compliant. Qualys has agreements and seamless integrations with most major cloud providers, so you can complete required asset discovery, asset management, vulnerability management, web application scanning, threat prioritization, policy compliance, and more without compromising security.

TotalCloud with FlexScan

TotalCloud with FlexScan

With more than 31 million workloads already secured by Qualys, TotalCloud extends the industry-leading accuracy of our vulnerability management detection and response (VMDR) with cloud-native FlexScan assessments to unify Cloud Posture Management and Cloud Workload Security in a single view with risk insights. TotalCloud automates inventory, assessment, prioritization, and risk remediation with a drag-and-drop workflow engine that offers zero-touch and continuous security from code to production cloud applications. TotalCloud delivers Six Sigma Accuracy with agent and agentless scanning for full coverage of cloud-native posture management and workload security across multi-cloud and hybrid environments

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