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Qualys Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Detect and remediate security problems within IaC templates

Qualys Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security enables organizations to proactively detect and address potential security threats to their cloud infrastructure by providing early detection and visibility into misconfigurations and non-standard deployments. Qualys IaC security is an integral part of Qualys TotalCloud solution, allowing organizations to start and stay secure in their cloud environments.

Stop misconfiguration at runtime

Visibility into Misconfigurations and non-standard deployments at the pre-deployment stage

Integration with Dev and DevOps tools

Integrates with the code editors, Git repository, and CI/CD tools to provide early visibility.

Out-of-box support for cloud IaC languages

Supports Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and Azure ARM

IaC Security

Protects your infrastructure by scanning your IaC code for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments before it is deployed.


Shift-Left your security using Infrastructure as Code assessment

Qualys IaC security assessment analyzes Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and Azure Resource Manager templates and identifies security misconfigurations of resources and services for public clouds. IaC assessment can be performed throughout the pipeline – on the source code when it is checked into the source code repository, during the integration phase, and before deployment. DevOps teams can assess the security posture earlier in the development cycle, dramatically reducing security risk post-deployment.

Out-of-box security controls

Qualys IaC security enhances cloud infrastructure security by providing an extensive library of over 1000 out-of-the-box security controls for major public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. These controls cover a wide range of security domains, including identity and access management, network security, data protection, and compliance. Qualys IaC security helps to minimize human error and increase efficiency, allowing security teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Multiple Integration Points

Qualys IaC security offers multiple integration points, including out-of-the-box integration for popular Git repository such as Github, Gitlab, and BitBucket, as well as CI/CD tools like Bamboo, Jenkins, and Azure DevOps. Integration into code editors like Visual Studio Code and a CLI tool allows developers and DevOps to check their code for misconfiguration during the development process.

Mapping to 30+ compliance mandates

Qualys IaC maps to over 30 compliance mandates, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. This enables organizations to ensure that their cloud infrastructure meets industry and regulatory requirements and reduces the risk of non-compliance and potential financial penalties. Qualys IaC feature provides a robust and comprehensive approach to securing cloud infrastructure that can help organizations to proactively identify and mitigate security risks.

Qualys Cloud Inventory: Configuration | Qualys

Prevent cloud misconfigurations

Qualys IaC security enables you to scan your Infrastructure as Code templates and offers early visibility to misconfigurations in your cloud deployments. It provides REST APIs and CLI for seamless integration with the CI/CD toolchain, providing DevOps teams with real-time assessments of potential cloud misconfigurations so that they can prioritize remediations before deploying into production.

  • Supports Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and Azure ARM, as well as all three major public cloud providers AWS, Azure, and GCP

  • Integration with Git Repositories such as GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Azure Repo

  • Integration with CICD such as Azure DevOps, Jenkins

  • Integration with IDE such as Visual Studio Code

  • Provides complete evidence and clear steps to drive remediation

Qualys Cloud Inventory: Configuration | Qualys

Drift detection

Qualys IaC has parity with runtime controls, ensuring that the security policies established during the development and testing stages are consistently enforced during runtime operations. This helps to minimize the risk of security gaps and vulnerabilities being introduced into the infrastructure due to misconfigurations or changes made after deployment.

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