Cloud Platform

Private Cloud Platform

The power of the Qualys Cloud Platform, with your data under your control.

Designed for your data storage requirements

  • Businesses located in countries with strict data sovereignty rules
  • Large enterprises with hundreds of thousands of IT assets
  • Government agencies with strict data possession requirements
  • MSSPs that want to provide more exclusive offerings

An all-in-one powerhouse, on your own premises

Get all the features of the Qualys Cloud Platform while keeping your data under your control.

Full server rack

For governments, enterprises, and MSSPs

Virtual rack

For governments, enterprises, and MSSPs

Standalone appliance

For medium or small enterprises
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Pre-configured and easy to deploy

The software is pre-loaded and pre-configured by Qualys, enabling Private Cloud Platforms to be deployed quickly and easily. All physical rack and cabling work is completed before the appliance arrives onsite.

Securely updated and maintained by Qualys

Qualys provides a single point of contact for any issues that arise, and even takes care of any hardware expansion necessary to keep your Qualys solutions running smoothly.

Local storage of security data — full control and data sovereignty

The Private Cloud Platform gives you the power of Qualys’ cloud-based solutions as well as full control over the security and compliance data they generate.

  • Keep sensitive data local to a specific region, country or province, both in transit and in storage.
  • Have full control over (and knowledge of) the specific people who have physical access to databases and backups.
  • Apply your own operating procedures to Qualys security data.
  • Use Qualys security data efficiently with other enterprise systems such as SIEM, GRC, ERM and security infrastructure.

Benefits for Managed Security Service Providers

  • Increase revenue and client loyalty

    Sell co-branded Qualys services hosted in your own datacenters.

  • Address data sovereignty requirements

    Keep sensitive security and compliance data local to your systems.

  • Add value to your other services

    Integrate Qualys with your own products and services.

Benefits for Large Enterprises & Government Agencies

  • Keep security data under your control

    - in your own datacenter

  • Use security data efficiently

    Take advantage of high-bandwidth access to the actionable security intelligence generated by Qualys to enhance other enterprise systems.

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