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Stay on Top of Breaches by Prioritizing
Critical Vulnerabilities

New vulnerabilities are disclosed every day, amounting to thousands per year. Qualys recognizes
not all vulnerabilities are created equal. Qualys ThreatPROTECT is a cloud-based solution that helps
IT professionals like you automatically prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to your organization. How? By correlating active threats against your vulnerabilities.

Real-Time Correlation of Active Threats Against Your Vulnerabilities

Real-Time Correlation
of Active Threats
Against Your Vulnerabilities

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intelligence feed screen

Includes Qualys' Live Threat Intelligence Feed

ThreatPROTECT also includes a Live Threat Intelligence Feed where Qualys security engineers continuously validate and rate new threats from internal and external sources. Wake up every morning and see a list of vulnerabilities that pose an immediate risk to your business. The feed also shows how many of your assets are impacted by each threat, and enables you to drill down into the assets for remediation.

Active Attacks 168
Easy Exploit 344
Public Exploit 262
Denial of Service 0
High Data Loss 304
No Patch 338
Zero-Day 70
High Lateral
Threat posture at a glance

Visualize Critical Threats to Your Environment

See your entire threat posture at a glance with dynamic dashboards. Quickly see how your systems are exposed to active threats such as zero-days, denial-of-service attacks, actively attacked vulnerabilities, easy exploits requiring little skills, vulnerabilities lacking a patch, and many more.

You can create multiple dashboard views as well as convert any search query into a dashboard widget.

Real-time trend analysis

Measure and Report on Threats

Measure your progress and remediation efforts with real-time trend analysis. Using Qualys Vulnerability Management, tightly integrated with ThreatPROTECT, you can also generate scan and patch reports for other stakeholders.

Identify Vulnerable

Identify Vulnerable
Systems with Google-
Like Search

Find what you're looking for with powerful Google-like ad hoc queries to identify vulnerable devices.

    ThreatPROTECT Search lets users:
  • Save any search.
  • Convert any search into a dashboard widget.
  • Export relevant data to files.
  • Share search results through Qualys APIs.
  • Drill down and fine-tune results using sort, tags, filters or specific vulnerabilities.
Get Notifications

Get Notifications

Get alerted when new active threats surface in your environment, and when your user-defined thresholds are met.

Save Time.
Know What to Remediate First.

ThreatPROTECT takes the guesswork out of what to patch first. Let ThreatPROTECT do
the work for you. Sign up for a free trial. There's nothing to install or maintain.

ThreatPROTECT Patch

Qualys Cloud Platform

& Integrated Suite of Security & Compliance Applications

There’s nothing to install or maintain. Grow with your business!

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  • Qualys ThreatPROTECT Badge ThreatPROTECT Quickly visualize and prioritize security threats at-a-glance. Take action on the threats that matter most. Learn More
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    Discover, catalog and scan all of your web apps for vulnerabilities and website misconfigurations. Learn More
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    A quick, cost effective way to achieve PCI Compliance by yourself. Qualys is an Approved Scanning Vendor. Learn More
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Active Threat Types

Zero Day
Active attack have been observed in the wild and there is no patch from the vendor. An active attack is a prerequisite for this RTI in addition to no patch from the vendor. If a vulnerability is not actively attacked this RTI will not be set (even if there is no patch from the vendor). If a patch becomes available Qualys will remove the Zero Day RTI attribute which helps users to focus only on vulnerabilities that are actively exploited and there is no official patch.
Exploit Public
Exploit knowledge is well known and a working exploitation code is publically available. Potential of active attacks is very high.
This attribute is set for example when PoC exploit code is available from Exploit-DB, Metasploit, Core, Immunity or other exploit vendors. This RTI does not necessarily indicate that active attacks have been observed in the wild.
Actively Attacked
Active attacks have been observed in the wild.
This information is derived from Malware, Exploit Kits, acknowledgment from vendors, US-CERT and similar trusted sources. In addition, if there are no patches available from the vendor, Qualys will also add the Zero day RTI.
High Lateral Movement
After a successful compromise, attacker has high potential to compromise other machines in the network.
Easy Exploit
The attack can be carried out easily and requires little skills or does not require additional information
High Data Loss
Successful exploitation will result in massive data loss on the host
Denial of Service
Successful exploitation will result in denial of service
No Patch
Vendor has not provided an official fix.
Malware has been associated with this vulnerability
Exploit Kit
Exploit Kit has been associated with this vulnerability.
Exploit Kits are usually cloud based toolkits that help malware writers in identifying vulnerable browsers/plugins and install malware. Users can also search on Exploit Kit name like Angler, Nuclear, Rig and others.

Qualys generates active threat data from its own research and from multiple external sources. Our Security Research Team, comprised of Qualys engineers around the world, are constantly monitoring and tracking active threat data points. This includes information on attacks, exploits and exploits kits. Qualys engineers are also constantly monitoring and analyzing information to determine active threat attributes like lateral movement, easy of exploit, data loss potential and others. In addition to the internal security research, Qualys has partnerships with external companies from which threat information is obtained and correlated:

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