Qualys TruRisk for Enterprise

Protect your enterprise with a unified cybersecurity solution that reduces risk and lowers your TCO.

Measure, communicate, and eliminate cyber risk with a unified platform

Gain instant visibility of your cyber assets, reduce vulnerabilities, prioritize what matters most, see results in one place, and remediate with one-click workflows to reduce MTTR.

Uncover your entire attack surface 

See everything with business context and lay the foundation for risk-based vulnerability management.

Take a risk-based approach to vulnerability management

Reduce vulnerabilities, cut through the noise, and prioritize with Qualys TruRisk.

Remediate 60% faster with a unified platform 

Improve MTTR by patching everything from one console, automatically correlating vulnerabilities to available patches.

Prioritize threats by business context 

Save time and money while eliminating root-cause vulnerabilities with a single agent and console for VM, patching, and endpoint protection.

Always be audit-ready

Stay compliant while reducing risk with 850 out-of-the-box policies, 19,000 controls, 350 technologies, and 100 regulations and frameworks.

De-risk your cloud

Protect cloud infrastructure and SaaS environments with a single, prioritized view of risk

Why Fortune 500 companies rely on TruRisk?

TruRisk is the industry standard on how to apply risk-based prioritization to your cyber security program. While EPSS and CVSS are foundational metrics for severity, they can miss real threats and fail to filter out non-critical risk without complete business context of the environment. TruRisk aggregates ALL risk-factors from 73 thousand vulnerability signatures, 25+ sources of threat intel, and integrations with non-Qualys products to achieve:

Qualys TruRisk ETM Checkout App Dashboard
Qualys TruRisk ETM Checkout App Dashboard
85% reduction in critical vulnerabilities, helping security teams focus on what matters
A complete view of business risk including data from third-party IT/Security tools
Auto-assignment of asset risk levels based on behavior attributes and powered by TruRisk AI

De-risk your business with the Enterprise TruRisk Platform.

Global scalability

Easily scan geographically distributed and segmented networks—both at the perimeter and behind the firewall.

Multiple solutions, one console

See your entire security and compliance posture in one place. Avoid the redundancies and gaps that come with trying to glue together different siloed solutions.

Lower, predictable TCO

Cloud computing offers significant economic advantages with no capital expenditures, extra human resources or infrastructure or software to deploy and manage.

Six Sigma accuracy

Find out what’s vulnerable without wasting time chasing false positives. Qualys performs over 6 billion scans every year, with accuracy over 99.999966%.

Rich integration, extensible APIs

Full data and control APIs for connecting enterprise systems.

Market leader

IDC ranks Qualys #1 in Device Vulnerability Assessment revenue share for its 5th consecutive year and Gartner awards Qualys the highest possible rating in its MarketScope for Vulnerability Assessment.

A simple, consolidated view of security threats across our environment.

Nemi George

VP, Information Security Officer, Pacific Dental Services

Measure, communicate and eliminate risk across your enterprise through a single platform.

De-risk your business with Qualys TruRisk for Enterprise®

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