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Qualys Security Assessment Questionnaire

Qualys Security Assessment Questionnaire is a cloud-based service that enables you to collect and analyze information about your business easily, quickly, and without reinventing the wheel. With this service, you can expand the scope of risk and compliance data beyond technical vulnerabilities to verify that third-party vendors are in compliance with emerging regulatory requirements. By automating a traditionally manual process, Qualys Security Assessment Questionnaire frees you from unreliable and labor-intensive approaches such as email and spreadsheets and optimizes the accuracy of your audit results.

Key Use Cases

With Qualys Security Assessment Questionnaire, you can unify your technical and procedural assessments onto a single platform, reducing complexity and accelerating audits. Here are a few sample use cases:

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Design & Build

Use our intuitive, web-based UI to create and layout questionnaires and campaigns, with drag-and-drop ease and speed. Leverage our pre-built library of compliance-specific templates to get started, or create and customize others to reflect your own policy requirements for corporate governance.

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Launch & Track

Send campaigns via the web console and assign subject matter experts to monitor response activity in real-time dashboards and reports. Easily reassign and delegate questions and campaigns based on business process adjustments and updates.

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Analyze & Report

Analyze responses across multiple campaigns, track the progress of critical campaigns, customize dashboards and quickly report results to different audiences. Choose from executive-level dashboards to detailed drill-down views for internal auditors and compliance officers.

"Questionnaire is easy to use and to customize. Having it delivered via the cloud allows us to easily assess third parties."

– Randy Barr, VP & CISO, Saba
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Save Time and Effort In

Asset Classification

Identify which data, apps or resources are critical to control.

Risk & Compliance

Test if organizations are following procedures and collect evidence that controls are in place.

Vendor Assessments

Verify (and require evidence) that partners are implementing the controls and processes you require.

Security Assessment Questionnaire Features

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Design and Build Templates

With the Security Assessment Questionnaire, you can interactively design templates or leverage our library of out-of-the-box templates. Specify the options, requirements for evidence, comments, or asset-specific attachments for each of the questions needing assessment. Simply drag and drop input controls such as text boxes, check boxes, drop-down menus, and file selectors for flexible and fast template creation.

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Centralized Campaign Management

Within the intuitive web interface, you'll be able to centrally manage and monitor the progress of all of your campaigns. You can automatically send assignments or reminder emails to respondents, monitor which campaigns are performing best, and immediately identify assessments that may need more attention or are nearing their expiration dates.

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User-Friendly Design & Intuitive Workflow

Respondents, vendors, and subject matter experts can quickly and efficiently complete questionnaires from any browser, at any time. Evidence files can be securely attached with drag-and-drop convenience. Questions within a specific campaign can be delegated to other users or user groups based on their role, and reviewers and approvers can also be automatically assigned for these tasks.

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Dashboards and Reports

Instantly monitor and report on campaign progress with executive-level dashboards and drill-down reports. Evaluate the performance of individual questionnaires as well as review overall performance of all campaigns in progress. Real-time reports offer the ability to modify templates and questions based on feedback from respondents, to deliver accurate assessments across audiences (third parties, internal audit, executives, and more).

Qualys Cloud Platform

& Integrated Suite of Security & Compliance Applications

There’s nothing to install or maintain. Grow with your business!

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