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Companies entrust you with the complex and critical task of assessing their IT security. Over the years, leading security consultants worldwide have leveraged Qualys Consultant to offer their customers a wide range of first-class assessment services. Thanks to its cloud architecture, Qualys lets auditors and consultants scan, analyze, and generate reports about their clients’ networks, devices, and web apps—all from the browser. You won’t even need to go onsite to perform a scan.

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Centralized web console

Centrally managed, best-of-breed solutions allow you to monitor, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities to protect your IT and brand assets.

Actionable reporting

Grow with your business needs to add new security solutions and scale to protect millions of IT assets all on the same infrastructure and resilient platform.

Six Sigma Accuracy

As a cloud-based solution, there is no hardware or software to install or maintain. Security intelligence and software updates are continuous and automatic.

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Free and flexible support and training

In-person and online training is free, as well as all user conferences. Qualys subscriptions include 24x7 customer and technical support.

Qualys helps you exceed clients’ expectations with customizable, precise security and compliance assessments

  • Discover vulnerabilities

    Detect vulnerabilities in your clients’ IT assets wherever they reside—on premises, in clouds or mobile endpoints—with unparallelled speed and accuracy. Using customizable templates, generate insightful reports tailored for each client, with scorecards, executive summaries and recommendations.

  • Prioritize remediation

    Help clients determine which vulnerabilities present the greatest risk to them and must be addressed first. Give clients a clear, comprehensive view of their threat landscape via customizable dashboards, graphs, ad hoc searches, and a real-time vulnerability feed.

  • Monitor compliance

    Assist clients with the heavy burden of complying with government regulations, industry mandates, and internal policies, as well as assess third-party risk. Document results in comprehensive reports, so clients can fix issues and demonstrate auditable processes.

  • Protect web apps

    Give your clients visibility into their web apps—a major attack vector hackers are exploiting for data breaches. Find and catalog all web apps in your clients’ IT environments, and identify their vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

  • Leverage flexible options

    Choose the right subscription option, whether you are an individual consultant, a small firm or large security services provider. Pick among several scanner technologies, including a local tool on your laptop, a remote scanner, or a hybrid option.


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