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Partner FAQ

Top 10 Questions From Prospective Partners

What is Qualys?

Qualys provides on-demand vulnerability assessment and management through a Web services platform. Qualys offers:

Qualys enables users to measure their vulnerability status and enforce corporate remediation standards in order to comply with corporate and government data security policies.

Why scan for vulnerabilities?

There are many reasons to perform regular vulnerability assessments, including:

What makes Qualys different from its competitors?

Qualys is solely and exclusively focused on building the best vulnerability management solution available. As the market leading Web service for vulnerability management, we focus our resources on innovation, quality assurance and customer support for the following competitive advantages.

Why should I partner with Qualys?

There are many reasons to partner with Qualys, depending upon the type of business you are in.

What does Qualys look for in a partner?

While accurate vulnerability management is critical to protecting information security, we recognize that it is only one piece of a comprehensive security program. Qualys seeks partners who:

Having built a strong brand and reputation for quality and integrity, Qualys seeks partners who will invest time in training and development to provide a valuable, accurate and ethical representation of Qualys' security services to our mutual customers.

What support does Qualys provide to its Partners?

Qualys provides a variety of tools to make our partners successful. These include:

In addition, Qualys provides marketing, telesales and field sales support to help our partners in the education and sales process.

Finally, as a hosted service, Qualys provides a turnkey solution for your customers, including technical support, allowing our partners to focus on their core business.

How secure is the Qualys solution?

A central feature of Qualys service is secure storage of centralized vulnerability data. By maintaining encrypted scan results in a secure data vault, accessible only by the account owner or designee, Qualys is able to provide the highest level of data protection for our clients, an indelible audit trail of data access, and the ability to create consolidated and historical trend reports that are simply not possible with traditional software VA scanners.

Software solutions that leave sensitive scan results on a corporate network, standalone PC or laptop leave a company vulnerable to having these machines compromised by the very vulnerabilities and attacks they are trying to prevent! In addition, this data may be taken offsite, lost, accessed, used or misused without ever leaving a history or audit trail.

The Qualys Web service is designed around secure standards designed to protect again these problems.

These security features cannot be replicated in software solutions. This is why thousands of customers, including government, financial institutions and health care providers, trust their data and security to Qualys.

What training is required to become an effective partner?

Partner training is a key component and requirement of Qualys partner program. Qualys typically provides on-site training at Qualys for a limited number of key partner employees.

Large partner organizations are typically trained via a 2-3 hour Webinar. At the end of this Webinar, practitioners are able to competently demonstrate and use the Qualys solution. In addition, they will be prepared to discuss key security drivers and concerns, present Qualys advantages and business case, and address common issues and objections. A short test will be made available shortly to help "certify" representatives to represent and refer Qualys to your customers.

Qualys conducts regular Webinars on special topics of interest to partners, including industry trends and new product developments. Qualys also provides a wide variety of on-line training and marketing resources to help keep our partners up to date on the latest information about Qualys and security.

What are good prospects for a Qualys solution?

Any organization or enterprise that has a concern for data protection and privacy can benefit from the Qualys solution. Vertical markets with either subject to information security regulations (e.g., financial institutions, retail and on-line merchants, health care, government, pharmaceutical organizations) and/or network and data intensive groups (e.g., high-technology manufacturing, state universities, entertainment, and transportation) are frequent purchasers of Qualys. These organizations may have a Chief Security Officer, or similar high-level individual assigned to manage corporate security. However, recent security legislation and highly publicized attacks have brought in interest from enterprises in all industries.

Organizations that have an existing open source or software vulnerability scanning solution are ideal candidates, as they understand the value of scanning and have experienced firsthand the challenges, limitations and costs of working with other solutions.

How do I apply/get started?

To begin the partner application process, please fill out the following form. Become a Partner. This will allow us to learn more about your company and provide the best possible support to you. Qualys will review your application promptly and contact you shortly with additional details.

Together, we will make sure that there is a good fit between our organizations, and identify next steps, including any necessary non-disclosure agreements, to move forward.

Email or call us at +1 800 745 4355 or try our Global Contacts
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