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The biggest thing we see with Qualys is the level of support that we have. We compare the level of support of every company we interact with to Qualys' level of support. If they're not going above and beyond like Qualys, it's just not the same.”

Our digital transformation

We're [currently moving] into Azure, AWS and all the common cloud platforms. We're doing a cloud-first initiative. Anytime that we can go into the cloud, we're going to go into the cloud. Pricing is a big issue nowadays with anything in tech, so that's someplace that you can save. With the digital transformation, cloud-first is definitely the way we're going.

Biggest challenges

I think any company is going to have to overcome entering the cloud thinking that it can be managed in any other way than a common data center. You still must have all the security practices in the cloud, and you must focus on the same steps to make sure people can't make changes where they shouldn’t or see things they shouldn't. It is a challenge to work through all the things that are common to data centers and need to be applied in the cloud.

How Qualys helps us

Qualys gives us a very good level set of visibility on what we must fix and helps us prioritize what we need to do to harden and make things more secure picking up where maybe there was a lack of oversight. It definitely helps us get a view into what we're missing.

Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

Locations: Owns and operates 185 hospitals and approx. 2,000 sites of care in 21 states and the United Kingdom

Employees: 270,000+ colleagues

Industry: Healthcare

Annual Revenue: $12.5+ billion

Stock Symbol: HCA (NYSE)

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