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TOIN Corporation Helps Protect Clients’ Sensitive Intellectual Property

Gaining near real-time insights into the configuration and security status of corporate-controlled devices with lightweight, agent-based scanning

INDUSTRY: Professional Services

BUSINESS: Founded in 1963 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, TOIN Corporation is a specialist provider of localization services for corporate clients around the world.

SCOPE: National

SIZE: 90

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Every day, TOIN Corporation handles sensitive intellectual property on behalf of clients around the world. How can the company ensure that its translators can connect securely to its clients’ digital systems?


  • Qualys VMDR®
  • Qualys Global AssetView
  • Qualys Vulnerability Management
  • Qualys Threat Protection
  • Qualys Cloud Agents
  • Qualys Patch Management

Engaging with clients remotely

For more than 50 years, TOIN Corporation has offered localization services that empower businesses to connect with the widest possible global audience. Because more than half of the company’s annual revenues are from international companies, TOIN Corporation engages with many of these clients remotely.

Toshihito Hattori, Sales Manager at TOIN Corporation, elaborates: In recent years, digital systems have become increasingly important to the way that we serve our clients. For example, our employees often take part in virtual client meetings on video conferencing platforms and connect remotely to clients’ IT systems to download and upload materials via online portals or VPN connections.”

Safeguarding confidential data

Because it handles sensitive intellectual property on its clients’ behalf, security and data governance are key focus areas for TOIN Corporation. To guard against data loss, the company places a great emphasis on maintaining a robust information security posture.

Akinori Tanuma, Senior Engineer at TOIN Corporation, continues: Due to the nature of our business, we frequently handle confidential information stored in a digital format, so it’s important that our employees’ IT endpoints are properly configured.”

Why TOIN Corporation chose Qualys:

  • Provides discovery and visibility of all TOIN assets via a single dashboard, no matter whether they are on premises or at offsite locations.
  • Delivers near real-time insights into the configuration and security status of all corporate-controlled notebooks and desktops.
  • Allows TOIN Corporation to rapidly identify and close potential cyber threats, helping to protect clients’ intellectual property.
  • Lays the foundation for automated patching capabilities, which will be enabled by Qualys Patch Management.

Manual processes reduce efficiency

In Japan, TOIN Corporation employs approximately 90 people. To help monitor and regulate access to sensitive systems, the company issues each staff member with a corporate-controlled device—including Microsoft Windows and macOS desktops and notebooks. Previously, the company relied on manual processes to keep track of the configuration and security status of each of these endpoints, creating a significant management burden for the IT team.

Masashi Maekawa, Manager Information Security Administration at TOIN Corporation, explains: As well as implementing our own internal policies for information security and data governance, we must also ensure that all IT assets conform to our clients’ security requirements. Once we issue a device to an employee, we need to monitor its security status on an ongoing basis. In the past, this required manual, time-consuming work. To enhance our security and free up time for value-added IT activities, we decided to look for a new way of working.”

Saving time and effort with automated scanning

To transform its approach to information security management, TOIN Corporation selected the Enterprise TruRisk Platform. By deploying Qualys Cloud Agents on all its corporate-controlled devices, the company gains near real-time updates on the security status of every asset—helping the IT team to improve visibility, save time, and take timely action on potential cyber threats.

Working with Qualys has greatly enhanced the efficiency of critical security processes for TOIN Corporation, states Masashi Maekawa. In the past, provisioning a new notebook or desktop required us to update several different management systems, including manually recording the asset’s MAC address. Today, Qualys Cloud Agents deliver all this information and more automatically, every four hours.”

Masashi Maekawa adds: One aspect of the solution that really impresses us is how lightweight Qualys Cloud Agents are—our users don’t even notice that they’re there, and they’re easy to install and update remotely.”

Gaining real-time vulnerability insights

Based on its initial success with Qualys, TOIN Corporation has decided to build on its information security capabilities by selecting Qualys VMDR® with integrated apps for asset identification and management, vulnerability management, threat detection and prioritization and response.

Akinori Tanuma says: We are now extending the coverage of our Qualys solutions beyond our laptop and desktop estate and using VMDR to scan our production servers and perimeter network for vulnerabilities. VMDR scans are highly automated, which helps us to alert our system owners to potential threats in a timely manner.”

Protecting a hybrid workforce

Equipped with accurate, fine-grained insights into endpoint security and configuration, TOIN Corporation is achieving its goal of protecting its clients’ sensitive intellectual property 24/7. Remote scanning proved especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many businesses around the world suddenly pivoted to remote working.

Even before the pandemic, TOIN Corporation was beginning to make the transition to hybrid working—but without a doubt, Qualys VMDR helped us to accelerate and streamline that process,” comments Masashi Maekawa.

Whether our employees are working from home or another remote location, we can get complete visibility of all the relevant security configuration details from a single dashboard: including the model numbers, IP addresses, installed applications, and geographical location. Today, there’s never any doubt about which employees are using which devices—all the information is right there in the Enterprise TruRisk Platform.”

Planning for the future

Looking ahead, TOIN Corporation plans to work with Qualys to enhance its security capabilities further. The company is preparing to implement Qualys Patch Management to automatically detect and install missing patches on its servers and PCs. In addition, TOIN Corporation aims to extend the scope of VMDR across its international business.

Akinori Tanuma explains: Currently, we’re using Qualys Cloud Agents on corporate-controlled devices in Japan, but we see that there could be significant benefits in using agent-based scanning to help protect personal devices used by freelance translators working in other regions.”

“For over a decade, Qualys has helped us build security capabilities tailored to our unique business requirements: from small-scale scanning to enterprise-class vulnerability management. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Qualys to any business that’s serious about security.”
Masashi Maekawa
Masashi Maekawa

Manager Information Security Administration, TOIN Corporation

Masashi Maekawa concludes: Some may imagine that Qualys solutions are only relevant for large corporations with thousands of employees, but nothing could be further from the truth. For over a decade, Qualys has helped us build security capabilities tailored to our unique business requirements: from small-scale scanning to enterprise-class vulnerability management. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Qualys to any business that’s serious about security.”