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  • Qualys Endpoint Security

    Advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization

  • Context XDR

    Extend detection and response beyond the endpoint to the enterprise

Cloud Security
Qualys solutions have made my life a little bit easier as a CISO because now I have, within one console, the ability to readily see all of our assets in real-time.”

Our digital transformation

CynergisTek has been 95% digital since its inception. Our founders in the early 2000s when the company first started wanted to create an organization that was agile and able to be accessed from everywhere in the country. So, we were very early adopters of cloud infrastructure.

Biggest challenges

As early adopters and with the distributed nature of the environment, one of our primary concerns is how to maintain security and privacy of not only our own information assets but any of the data that our customers share with us. That is an ongoing concern, and every day we face that battle.

How Qualys helps us

With the use of a platform such as Qualys, we've been able to get a better handle on where all of our endpoints are sitting since we don't sit behind one centralized network.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Employees: 300+

Industry: Healthcare cybersecurity

Annual Revenue: $71.1+ million

Stock Symbol: CTEK (NYSE)

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