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INDUSTRY: Consulting / Services

BUSINESS: Security assessments and consulting for small-to-medium sized businesses and state agencies

SCOPE: Statewide (Ohio)

SIZE: Five consultants, one sales person

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Required a more reliable, up-to-date vulnerability management tool that would free consultants from costly security detail work.

OPERATIONAL HURDLE: Prior software-based solutions caused enormous financial and time burdens to maintain and use.

SOLUTION: Qualys Consultant enables cost-efficient, on demand vulnerability management.


  • Cost effectively keeps its security toolset current
  • Reports are automatic and easy to read
  • Frees consultants to focus on improving client security
  • Qualys is a practical solution that is always available
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Jacadis, LLC

On Demand Vulnerability Management Increases Security Consultant Productivity
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"We understand security but approach it from a practical perspective," says Doug Davidson, CEO and Principal Consultant of Jacadis. Jacadis is a security consultancy based in Columbus, Ohio that applies its "practical security" mandate to small-to-medium sized businesses and government agencies throughout the state.

"The reporting is so clean with Qualys that I don’t need a high-dollar consultant explaining data to the customer. This boosts our margins and makes everyone happy."

Doug Davidson,
CEO and Principal Consultant at Jacadis

Jacadis used to conduct security assessments the traditional way, which entailed periodic vulnerability audits with manual software tools, correlation of vulnerability data, elimination of false positives, and explanations of the data to clients. "The old approach was really time consuming, expensive and not an effective way to demonstrate best practices in vulnerability and threat management," says Davidson.

Jacadis switched to the Qualys on demand vulnerability management solution because it was always up-to-date, easy to use, and effective. “Qualys is a practical solution,” Davidson says. He notes small companies have the same needs for security as big organizations, but lack the technical staff to execute similar processes.

Qualys solves that problem. "It takes care of updates automatically and we don't have to invest in any additional infrastructure, which is an enormous load off our backs."

The payoff for Jacadis is better security for clients and improved efficiency of its consulting operations.

"Qualys gives us a leg up because it automates what used to be manual processes," Davidson says. "We spend more time now helping our clients to devise protection strategies and better manage the vulnerabilities instead of doing routine bits and bytes."