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Cloud Security

Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS) - Powered by the Award-winning Enterprise TruRisk Platform

Reduce Attack Surface and Risk for Modern Web Apps and APIs

Qualys WAS gives organizations ease of use and centralized management to keep attackers at bay and their web applications and APIs secure. Qualys WAS helps organizations build AppSec programs to secure their modern web applications and APIs across any cloud-native or on-prem architecture and reduce the total-cost-of-ownership and mean-time-to-remediate when compared to using siloed tools for scanning.

Qualys Web Application Scanner provides:

Comprehensive discovery, finding, and fixing vulnerabilities in modern web apps and APIs

Modern Web apps, plagued by vulnerabilities and misconfigurations due to poor coding and deployment checks, can be deployed across production environments. Qualys WAS gives you visibility and control by finding official, "unofficial", and forgotten applications and APIs throughout your environment for triage and deep scanning.

Consolidate 3rd party vulnerability scan results

Import vulnerabilities from 3rd party manual penetration tests (Burp, ZAP, BugCrowd etc.,) for a unified view of web app and API security for better attack surface management which provides better alignment between risk and compliance activities.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Collection and Exposure Discovery

Scan web applications and APIs to identify where PII is collected or exposed, which if left unexposed could result in reputational damage, loss of brand value, security breaches, and compliance failures.

API Security

Scan REST APIs and reduce your organization’s attack surface. Qualys WAS supports Swagger version 2 specification files and adopted Postman Collection support for parsing API endpoints and operational methods.

Malware Detection

Scan websites to identify malware, including known and novel malware, via signatures, reputational checks, heuristics, and behavioral analysis to protect your reputation and brand value.

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