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  • Qualys Endpoint Security

    Advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization

  • Context XDR

    Extend detection and response beyond the endpoint to the enterprise

Cloud Security
I recommend Qualys because of its ease of use and the community support that you get. We’re also able to reach out and talk to other people who've had the same problems as us.”

Our digital transformation

Our company is still in its infancy in the digital transformation. We're moving our way into the cloud, investigating different sources in infrastructure and the different services there. Qualys has benefited our security program greatly.

Biggest challenges

We're developing our security program from the ground up, and for someone new to the security field, [Qualys has] been extremely useful in helping us learn and showing us how to fix these things.

How Qualys helps us

Qualys is making it extremely easy to fix vulnerabilities in our infrastructure. It shows us the way to get there, and exactly what we need to do including reference articles, and so we can learn how to fix things as we're fixing them. Qualys has improved our security and compliance through its reporting and being able to show our administrators and managers what we're dealing with, and the visibility is really what's helping push our company further.

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

Locations: More than 2,200 stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Employees: 200+

Industry: Banking

Annual Revenue: $75+ million

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