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  • Qualys Endpoint Security

    Advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization

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    Extend detection and response beyond the endpoint to the enterprise

Cloud Security
Integration was one of our key challenges as we were going through a consolidation of many tools. Bringing everything together and getting that visibility in one Qualys dashboard to see everything and take action quickly has helped us.”

Our digital transformation

We are midway through our digital transformation. We are [implementing] a lot of cloud computing and using container servlets. The microservice architecture is changing the way we deliver service.

Biggest challenges

When moving to cloud computing and a microservice architecture, we need to work with our DevOps team and it's a new way of thinking to figure out how we can secure our environment starting from the inception phase through the full lifecycle. We must also think through the whole lifecycle how we are going to manage security and privacy for protecting data in the cloud for our customers.

How Qualys helps us

Qualys helped us in many ways including getting the visibility of management for these ideas. We also had many tools for different reasons and we were going through the consolidation of the tools. We needed to bring these tools from multiple vendors all together. Integration was the key challenge and now we have a Qualys dashboard where we are able to see everything and to take action quickly.

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Locations: 14 locations worldwide

Employees: 1,700+

Industry: Digital entertainment

Annual Revenue: $600+ million

Stock Symbol: TIVO (NASDAQ)

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