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Qualys is the most thoroughly mature, easy-to-use, robust application out there, and it's really a pleasure to use. It meets a lot of our needs very easily.”

Our digital transformation

Being a bank, we're regulated, so one of the biggest parts of digital transformation is a migration to the cloud. We are now starting to tread lightly into that area, but we have grown considerably in size through acquisition. So, our IT [department] has a bigger footprint, with more distinct locations and diverse systems.

Biggest challenges

Our biggest challenge is the lack of resources – not just dollars, but human time, engineer time to work on things. And so isolating vulnerabilities and really prioritizing is one of our biggest challenges.

How Qualys helps us

We use Qualys through the entire vulnerability management lifecycle from detection of assets to identification of vulnerabilities, prioritizing, tracking remediations and service level agreements and verifying fixes. We also use Qualys to track exceptions.

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Locations: Customers are served from 48 branch locations

Employees: 580+

Industry: Finance

Annual Revenue: $125.5+ million

Stock Symbol: CVBF (NASDAQ)

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