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Bringing Qualys on board and leveraging the Qualys agents is probably the biggest success story we've had.”

Our digital transformation

Caterpillar is a little early in our digital transformation. We're building out a lot of services for our customers through the digital transformation. Rarely are we ahead of the game. We like to do it right.

Biggest challenges

The biggest challenges I see us facing from security organization during the digital transformation is our ability to match their speed, so making sure that we can really integrate early in their lifecycle and develop out the security principles that need to be in place. Bringing Qualys onboard and leveraging the Qualys agents is probably the biggest success story we've had.

How Qualys helps us

Qualys has helped us with getting our customers near real-time data to let them know what their vulnerabilities are as early as possible so that they can fix them and then move on with their development lifecycle. My life has been made a lot easier by having that real-time data. I think it's an expectation today from a lot of teams, especially in a digital transformation, that the data is there when they need it to be there.

Headquarters: Deerfield, Illinois

Locations: More than 500 locations worldwide

Employees: 104,000+

Industry: Heavy equipment

Annual Revenue: $54.7+ billion

Stock Symbol: CAT (NYSE)

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