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2013 Predictions: Qualys says pressure on the cloud and companies will rise

Businesses need to be aware of the security threats that will be prominent in 2013. With this in mind, Andrew Wild, chief security officer with Qualys has come up with a series of predictions on what is likely to happen in the year ahead. Read more

Dec 28, 2012

Is Internet Explorer leaking sensitive information?

Security researchers at have uncovered some potentially concerning behavior in Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser. Read more

Dec 14, 2012

Final Patch Tuesday of 2012 sees Microsoft issue five critical bulletins

Microsoft released seven bulletins on its final Patch Tuesday of 2012 this week. Read more

Dec 13, 2012

Microsoft Santa gifts you with 5 critical fixes in Xmas Patch Tuesday

December's Patch Tuesday brought seven bulletins from Microsoft, five of which cover critical security vulnerabilities. Read more

Dec 12, 2012

Final Patch Tuesday of 2012 includes five 'critical' updates

Microsoft is finishing the year with seven new security bulletins--and five are rated 'critical' Read more

Dec 12, 2012

Christmas Patch Tuesday Brings Scary Gifts

Microsoft delivers some critical loads in its final Patch Tuesday of 2012 Read more

Dec 12, 2012

Center for Internet Security Publishes Consensus-Based Security Configuration Benchmarks for Key Database Platforms

New CIS Benchmarks Provide Best Practice Security Configurations for Optimal Security, Availability and Integrity for Oracle Database 11g R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Read more

Dec 12, 2012

Microsoft delivers Flash fix in Patch Tuesday package

Microsoft has released an update to address 12 vulnerabilities as well as a fix for Adobe Flash Player components in its latest security update. Read more

Dec 11, 2012

December Advance Notice Security Advisory

December Patch Tuesday Preview Read more

Dec 10, 2012

How secure is Windows 8?

The latest addition to the Windows operating system family has been out for a while now, but is it secure enough for business users? Read more

Dec 7, 2012

Rare critical Word vuln is the star of December Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is planning to release seven bulletins next Tuesday, five of which tackle critical vulnerabilities, as part of its final Patch Tuesday update of 2012. Read more

Dec 7, 2012

Patch Tuesday: Potent Word flaw among five critical problems that need fixing

Patch Tuesday analysis Read more

Dec 6, 2012

Awareness There, Policies Lacking: Results of a New SANS Survey on Application Security Policies in Enterprises

SANS Institute, a trusted and pervasive source of information security training, announces the results of its first Survey on Application Security Policies in Enterprises. Read more

Dec 5, 2012

Expert's question Microsoft's decision to retire XP

Microsoft will "draw a line in the sand" come April 2014 when Windows XP exits support, security researchers said today, even if millions of customers are still running the aged OS and a zero-day bug threatens the Windows ecosystem. Read more

Dec 4, 2012

Clickjacking threatens one-third of top 20 banking sites

Summary of threat posed by Clickjacking - latest Qualys blog Read more

Nov 30, 2012

Companies House website security 'a bit of a mess'

Nerve centre of British business open to scams Read more

Nov 28, 2012

Black Hat Abu Dhabi Unveils 2012 Program in Cooperation with TRA & Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Qualys mentioned as sponsor of Black Hat. Read more

Nov 26, 2012

Round-up of Cyber Monday safe shopping tips

Comment form Wolfgang Kandek regarding safe shopping tips for Cyber Monday. Read more

Nov 26, 2012

A chat with Wolfgang Kandek, CTO, Qualys…

Based on Wolfgang's briefing with Eleanor Dallaway at QSC. Covers Wolfgang's views on the future of technology and the impact that this will have on the security industry. The article also covers the skills gap in the infosecurity industry. Read more

Nov 26, 2012

Towards real-time security

I've commented many times that cyber security management today is far too slow. Read more

Nov 23, 2012

HTTP Strict Transport Security becomes Internet standard

Report concerning the low numbers of websites that have adopted HTTP Strict Transport Security. Comment form Ivan Ristic. Read more

Nov 22, 2012

Facebook to roll out HTTPS by default to all users

Comment from Ivan Ristic regarding Facebook's adoption of HTTPS for its users Read more

Nov 21, 2012

Facebook to roll out HTTPS by default to all users

Comment from Ivan Ristic regarding Facebook's adoption of HTTPS for its users Read more

Nov 21, 2012

Businesses advised to prepare for Cyber Monday

Advice for small and medium sized businesses regarding security threats posed by employees shopping online on Cyber Monday. Comment from Wolfgang Kandek Read more

Nov 21, 2012

With shopping scams on the rise, watch for these threats

Tips for safe online shopping before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Blog post from Wolfgang Kandek referenced and linked. Read more

Nov 21, 2012

Facebook praised for encrypting Web access by default

Comment from Wolfgang Kandek regarding Facebook's adoption of HTTPS as default for its users Read more

Nov 20, 2012

Adobe to fix Flash Player on Patch Tuesdays

Adobe moves flash player updates to match Patch Tuesday schedule Read more

Nov 19, 2012

Vint Cerf Named Chair of StopBadware Board of Directors

Philippe Courtot mentioned as fellow board member following apointment of new Chair of StopBadware Read more

Nov 15, 2012

Vint Cerf Named Chair of StopBadware Board of Directors

Announcement of new appointment to board of StopBadware. Philippe Courtot mentioned as a current board member. Read more

Nov 15, 2012

Qualys to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences

Announcement regarding upcoming Conferences involving Qualys speakers Read more

Nov 15, 2012

Microsoft Updates Windows 8, Internet Explorer 9 in Patch Tuesday

Microsoft fixed 19 vulnerabilities in November's Patch Tuesday update, four in Internet Explorer 9, and three in all versions of the Windows operating system, including the brand-new Windows 8. Read more

Nov 14, 2012

Four critical patches among six bulletins from Microsoft, including IE9 fix

Microsoft released six bulletins on yesterday's Patch Tuesday, including four rated as 'critical'. Read more

Nov 14, 2012

MS plugs 'highly exploitable' IE 9 hole in November Patch Tuesday

Coverage of November's Patch Tuesday updates Read more

Nov 14, 2012

Microsoft Issues Critical Updates In November Patch Tuesday

Microsoft publishes six security bulletins covering 19 vulnerabilities Read more

Nov 14, 2012

Attention shoppers: Patch Internet Explorer immediately before you shop online

Report concerning the first Patch Tuesday since Windows 8 and Windows RT were launched. Read more

Nov 14, 2012

Risk I/O Raises $5.25M in Series A Funding

Qualys mentioned as a security assesment tool that provides data that Risk I/0 aggregates and prioritises. Read more

Nov 13, 2012

Beyond antivirus software: Eclectic PC security tools for system-wide audits

Feature discussing extra security precautions for modern PCs. The Qualys Browser Check has its own section. Read more

Nov 13, 2012

Microsoft to fix 19 vulnerabilities in six patch bulletins on Tuesday

Four of the six patch bulletins are rated ‘critical’, one is ‘important’ and one is ‘moderate’. Three of the updates will require a system restart, while the remaining three may require a restart. Admins should therefore be prepared for a disruptive time next week. Read more

Nov 9, 2012

Adobe, now 'married' to Microsoft, moves Flash updates to Patch Tuesday

Wolfgang Kandek comments on Adobe syncing security updates with patch Tuesday Read more

Nov 7, 2012

13 security threats to counter in 2013

As the end of the year closes in on us, it's time to think about the profile of the enterprise threat surface for the coming 12 months. Read more

Nov 5, 2012

Flaws patched in Apple's Safari browser and iOS 6

Apple has released updates to address flaws in its Safari 6 web browser and iOS 6 mobile operating system. Read more

Nov 5, 2012

Apple iOS 6.0.1 Fixes Security Flaws

Apple has released iOS 6.0.1 which fixes a host of security vulnerabilities from the initial release of iOS 6. Read more

Nov 2, 2012

Vupen claims 'remote code execution' on Windows 8

Vupen, a security company in the business of selling zero-day vulnerabilities, said Friday that it has found a way to bypass security mechanisms on Windows 8 and execute code via a Web page. Read more

Nov 2, 2012

New International Consortium to Support 11 Developments Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity Practices in Industry and Government

 The Consortium for Cybersecurity Action (CCA), a newly-formed international consortium of government agencies and private organizations from around the world, will host a Conference Call  to promote the most effective approaches to cybersecurity and support 11 key developments that are shaping events. Read more

Oct 31, 2012

Windows 8 raises the bar for PC security

Windows 8 improves on existing security features, and adds new ones that make the operating system even more secure than its predecessor. Read more

Oct 27, 2012

Windows 8 security focuses on early malware detection

In Windows 8, Microsoft has greatly improved the operating system's ability to detect malware before it has a chance to run, experts say. Windows 8 should also make it more difficult for people to unknowingly install malware in the first place. Read more

Oct 26, 2012

Ballmer talks of love and reimagination as Win 8 arrives

Windows 8 finally arrived last night with Microsoft talking of re-imagining its operating system and helping users fall in love with their PCs again. Read more

Oct 26, 2012

Windows 8 welcomed by security expert

Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8, has been welcomed by a security expert, who cites a raft of tweaks and new features as beneficial for the protection of computers running the software. Read more

Oct 26, 2012

Cloud can help create rapid response

Intelligence-led security, said Coviello, is about combining all the data about what is going on in a network to provide actionable information in near real-time. Read more

Oct 23, 2012

Security proving to be a fruitful area for investment

The technology landscape is changing fast, bringing much disruptive change that provides organisations with new ways to streamline their businesses Read more

Oct 22, 2012

Bad Education: How The Security Community Has Failed

overnment, industry and even journalists have failed to educate the public on security. Tom Brewster explains how we can all help clean up the mess we’ve made Read more

Oct 22, 2012

Apple tries to kill its own Java on most Macs

Pushes users to deal with Oracle, which maintains Java 7 for OS X Read more

Oct 18, 2012

Oracle squashes 109 bugs in quarterly patch batch

Hot fresh Java will flush parasites from your system Read more

Oct 17, 2012

Oracle patch preview: prepare for a 'major' release

Along with crisp weather and autumn fashions, patch season has arrived Read more

Oct 15, 2012

Mozilla praised for pulling flawed Firefox 16

Security experts on Thursday applauded Mozilla's decision to abort the distribution of a flawed Firefox 16 Read more

Oct 12, 2012

Experts split over regulation for bounty-hunting bug sniffers

Exploit vuln marketplace grows rapidly Read more

Oct 11, 2012

Microsoft patches critical Word flaw

Windows, SharePoint Server, SQL Server and other products get a fix Read more

Oct 10, 2012

RSA Europe: Cloud Key to Future Information Security, Says Qualys

Cloud computing is an opportunity information security professionals should not miss, according to Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of security company Qualys. Read more

Oct 10, 2012

RSA Europe 2012: Cloud Computing Has Potential to Drive Greater Security

During a keynote session at today’s RSA Europe Conference in London, Qualys chairman and CEO, Philippe Courtot, said the cloud can be a security enabler, despite many organizations’ continued hesitance to adopt widespread cloud technologies Read more

Oct 10, 2012

RSA Europe 2012: Cloud Brings New Challenges to Security Says Qualys

Cloud should be secure from the word go says Qualys chief, explaining that the security of web apps could be improved too Read more

Oct 10, 2012

RSA Europe 2012: Web Applications Are the Weakest Point of the Internet, Says Qualys

We need engineers passionate about coding for web applications' firewalls Read more

Oct 10, 2012

Microsoft issues one critical patch and seven important on October's Patch Tuesday by Dan Raywood

Microsoft released seven patches yesterday to address 20 vulnerabilities, with one critical flaw addressed. Read more

Oct 9, 2012

25 critical updates in Adobe Flash fix

Just slightly out of kilter with today’s Microsoft ‘Patch Tuesday’, Adobe yesterday issued a patch for 25 Flash vulnerabilities Read more

Oct 9, 2012

RSA® Conference Europe 2012 Opens Today in London

The top information security professionals and business leaders across Europe gathered today for the opening of the 13th annual RSA® Conference Europe Read more

Oct 9, 2012

RSA Europe 2012: Facebook Use Has Eroded Online Privacy Forever, Claim Security Experts

The huge use of social networks like Facebook means internet users have already lost any chance of online anonymity, according to security experts from Symantec, RSA, Jericho and Qualys. Read more

Oct 9, 2012

RSA Conference: 'Fixer-Developers' for Web Applications Needed

It is a fantastic time for companies to build security into the cloud, but they have big challenges over web apps, particularly around finding people skilled to deal with fixing vulnerabilities. Read more

Oct 9, 2012

Microsoft puts Patch Tuesday on a diet, fixes Office flaw

Microsoft is planning a light October edition of its regular Patch Tuesday updates next week that focuses on Office flaws and features just one critical patch. Read more

Oct 5, 2012

Microsoft to patch 20 bugs next week in month of Office updates

Single critical update will fix serious flaws in Office 2007, 2010 on Windows that hackers could use to hijack PCs Read more

Oct 4, 2012

Emergency patch released for Internet Explorer zero-day flaw

Microsoft released update MS12-063 to address the zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer on Friday afternoon. Read more

Sep 24, 2012

Microsoft urges business to update IE security

Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-cycle patch for the latest zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer that affects versions IE6 to IE9. Read more

Sep 24, 2012

Free security products out there for the asking

Security software developers have a long history of making their work available for free.  Read more

Sep 24, 2012

Clues, experts say Microsoft knew of IE zero-day for weeks before patching

Bug-bounty program may have reported the browser flaw to Redmond in July Read more

Sep 23, 2012

Redmond promises emergency IE bug fix on Friday (zero day + 5)

Keep calm and carry on, advise security types Read more

Sep 20, 2012

Apple goes against grain, extends support for Snow Leopard

'Might be a Windows XP-like effect,' notes one security expert of Apple's patching of OS X 10.6 Read more

Sep 20, 2012

Microsoft to release emergency Internet Explorer patch tomorrow

Microsoft is to release an emergency patch for the zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer tomorrow. Read more

Sep 20, 2012

How Safe are your Kids?

More and more, school children are using computers and internet access to do their homework, learn in class, and socialize with friends and family. Read more

Sep 20, 2012

Zero-day in Internet Explorer causes Microsoft to issue advisory

Warnings have been made about a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Read more

Sep 18, 2012

Microsoft Works With Adobe To Patch Windows 8 Flash Flaws

Microsoft has confirmed it is working with Adobe to patch flaws in the Flash player ahead of the Windows 8 launch Read more

Sep 14, 2012

'CRIME' Attack Abuses SSL/TLS Data Compression Feature to Hijack HTTPS Sessions

SSL/TLS date compression leaks information that can be used to decrypt HTTPS session cookies, researchers say Read more

Sep 14, 2012

The Perfect CRIME? New HTTPS Web Hijack Attack Explained

More details have emerged of a new attack that allows hackers to hijack encrypted web traffic - such as online banking and shopping protected by HTTPS connections. Read more

Sep 14, 2012

Microsoft to Patch Windows 8 Flash Bug Before OS Released

Microsoft plans to release a patch for a Flash vulnerability in Windows 8 soon, reversing a prior decision to wait until the operating system is generally available. Read more

Sep 12, 2012

Microsoft's September Patch Tuesday Load Lighter Than Usual

Microsoft gave IT departments a break this month, issuing just two patches in its September Patch Tuesday release. Separate security updates should keep some busy through the month, though. Read more

Sep 11, 2012

Microsoft to Kill Weak Web certificates

Website owners need to check and update their SSL certificates in order to avoid being shown as a security risk ahead of an upcoming security clampdown by Microsoft. Read more

Sep 10, 2012

Microsoft to Kill Weak Web Certificates

Website owners need to check and update their SSL certificates in order to avoid being shown as a security risk ahead of an upcoming security clampdown by Microsoft. Read more

Sep 10, 2012

September’s Patch Tuesday is a Lightweight

But “we’d like to remind you about an important change to Windows’ certificate requirements,” says Microsoft – so September is still going to be a busy month for sys admins. Read more

Sep 7, 2012

Apple Plugs Java Hole, Shifts Away from Plug-in

Apple has released a fix for a critical Java vulnerability, while also taking further steps to distance itself from the technology, which has become a major security risk in Web browsers. Read more

Sep 7, 2012

Ten Simple Steps to Secure Your Smartphone

Davey Winder separates the reality of smartphone insecurity from the myths Read more

Sep 7, 2012

Get Ready: Microsoft is Raising the Bar for Encryption Keys

Next week's Patch Tuesday is light, but IT admins may still be busy getting ready for new cryptographic key requirements driven by Microsoft Read more

Sep 6, 2012

Microsoft Gives Users a Patch Break, and Time to Prep for Certificate Slaying

Use the light Patch Tuesday to get ahead of key invalidation update slated for October, say experts Read more

Sep 6, 2012

Expert Tips: Online Safety Tools and Tricks for Parents to Share with their Children

Education is key when it comes to safe internet use. Here's some top online safety tips for parents to share with their children in preparation for this academic year Read more

Sep 6, 2012

Dropbox Going Two-factor, Becoming de Facto

Dropbox's decision to offer users two-factor authentication on top of their user ID and password reflects a growing trend among web service providers, experts say. Read more

Aug 28, 2012

Six Ways to Protect Against the New Actively Exploited Java Vulnerability

Security researchers proposed several methods to protect computers from being compromised via a new Java vulnerability Read more

Aug 28, 2012

Warning: Java Zero Day Flaw Under Attack

Attackers have developed an exploit for a zero-day vulnerability in Java, and experts are concerned that widespread attacks are imminent Read more

Aug 27, 2012

Adobe Posts Second Flash Player Fix in a Week

Update addresses multiple flaws on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Read more

Aug 22, 2012

Adobe Issues Second Flash Player Security Update In A Week

Adobe has rushed out more fixes for its Flash Player, just a week after releasing a slew of updates for the software. Read more

Aug 22, 2012

New Patches for Adobe Flash Player

Adobe has issued new patches for Flash on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, for Air on Windows and Mac, and for the Air SDK. The updates address critical vulnerabilities, and Adobe recommends that all users should update to the latest versions. Read more

Aug 22, 2012

Patch Tuesday deja vu: Adobe patches Flash ... again

Double-take for IT admins Read more

Aug 22, 2012

Microsoft Delivers Nine Bulletins on August's Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released nine bulletins addressing 27 vulnerabilities on yesterday's Patch Tuesday. Read more

Aug 15, 2012

Microsoft and Adobe Keep IT Busy with Critical Security Patches

Microsoft released nine new security bulletins for Patch Tuesday, and Adobe piled on its own fixes to make for a busy week for IT. Read more

Aug 14, 2012

Microsoft Patches Critical Security Holes in Windows, Office, IE

The company issued fixes for 26 security vulnerabilities, including for SQL Server and Exchange. Read more

Aug 14, 2012

August Patch Tuesday Heats Up with Five Critical Security Bulletins

Five of Microsoft’s nine security bulletins set to be shipped Tuesday plug critical security flaws in a range of products. Read more

Aug 13, 2012

Microsoft to Release Five Critical Bulletins Among Nine Patches Next Week

Microsoft has announced that it is to release nine patches on its August Patch Tuesday to address five critical vulnerabilities. Read more

Aug 10, 2012

Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

Top tips advice Read more

Aug 9, 2012

IE, Windows Server Bugs Likely to be Exploited Soon. Yes, it's Microsoft Patch Tuesday Again

Microsoft has released 13 updates that patch security holes in a wide range of its software offerings, including vulnerabilities rated critical in its Internet Explorer browser and Windows server operating systems. Read more

Aug 9, 2012

Hackers Increasingly Aim for Cross-Platform Vulnerabilities

More and more hackers are targeting the same application vulnerabilities on Macs and Windows PCs as a way to reap the financial benefits of writing cross-platform malware. Read more

Aug 1, 2012

Qualys Opens Android App Analysis Framework

Qualys has launched an open-source framework to allow users to find out what their Android apps are doing. Read more

Jul 30, 2012

NFC Security Flaws In Android And Nokia N9 Phones

Notable security researcher Charlie Miller has found flaws in Near Field Communication ( NFC) security that could allow hackers to beam code over to Android and Nokia devices to carry out attacks. Read more

Jul 26, 2012

Black Hat: New Toolkit Offers 150 Ways to Bypass Web Application Firewalls

Test if your Web application firewalls are vulnerable to protocol-level evasion techniques Read more

Jul 26, 2012

ISACA Conference Addresses Cybercrime, Mobile Security and the Cloud

ISACA’s European Computer Audit, Control and Security (EuroCACS)/Information Security and Risk Management (ISRM) conference will bring together global experts to examine advances in mobile computing, consumerization of IT, cloud computing and cyber threats, and will provide the tools needed to navigate the changing IT environment. Read more

Jul 25, 2012

Black Hat Makes Light of Accidental Password-reset Email

A Black Hat volunteer mistakenly sent to 7,500 conference goers a password-reset email that was initially thought to be a phishing attempt. Read more

Jul 24, 2012

Scality Wins Red Herring Top 100 Award

San Francisco, CA, July 24th 2012. Scality, storage infrastructure innovator, announced today that it won the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Americas Award. Read more

Jul 24, 2012

Oracle Plugs 88 Security Holes, The Same Number as the Last Update

Oracle is patching 88 security holes in its range of products, the exact same number the company fixed in its April update. Read more

Jul 16, 2012

Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer and Windows flaws

Microsoft released nine security bulletins on yesterday's Patch Tuesday, including three rated as critical and six as important, which address 16 issues in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Visual Basic for Applications and Microsoft Office. Read more

Jul 11, 2012

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Plugs XML Flaw

Microsoft has fixed a XML Core Services bug that is being exploited in the wild in its latest security update Read more

Jul 11, 2012

Microsoft Patches XML Flaw Under Attack and 15 More Vulnerabilities

It’s the second Tuesday in July, and you know what that means: it’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday. Today, Microsoft released nine new security bulletins as predicted in the advance notice last week. Some updates are more urgent than others, though, so we turn to security experts for insight and analysis to help guide your patching efforts. Read more

Jul 10, 2012

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Pushes Nine Fixes for 16 Flaws

Microsoft on Tuesday issued nine security bulletins to address three "critical" and six "important" security issues. Read more

Jul 10, 2012

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Sizzles with Three Critical Bulletins

Just when many IT administrators are planning to take their summer vacations, Microsoft is adding to their workload with nine security bulletins addressing 16 vulnerabilities, with three of the bulletins rated as critical. Read more

Jul 9, 2012

Microsoft plugs critical IE9 flaw

Latest Patch Tuesday also revamps Update process following Flame revelations Read more

Jul 6, 2012

Microsoft's XML 0-day fix expected in July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is planning to release nine bulletins, three critical, as part of the July edition of its Patch Tuesday monthly update cycle. Read more

Jul 6, 2012

Microsoft Patch Tuesday To Fix Zero-Day XML Flaw

This month’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday should see the software giant offer a proper fix for a zero-day Internet Explorer flaw that has been actively exploited in the wild. Read more

Jul 6, 2012

Microsoft to Plug Critical Drive-by Attack Flaw

Microsoft will release nine patches – three of them critical - in next week’s Patch Tuesday security update. Read more

Jul 6, 2012

Microsoft to Patch XML Bug as Attacks Mount

Microsoft has confirmed that it will patch a vulnerability in Windows next week that has been exploited by an increasing number of attacks. Read more

Jul 6, 2012

Microsoft to Patch Under-Attack XML Bug Next Week

Will also issue unexpected update for IE9 Read more

Jul 5, 2012

Qualys boosts Security Scanning on BrowserCheck Plug-in Checker

Qualys has completely overhauled its handy free BrowserCheck security browser tool, adding the ability to check multiple plug-ins across different browsers from a single interface and widening its scan to elements of the Windows system. Read more

Jul 2, 2012

Changes to PCI Rules: What You Need to Know

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules related to the security of customer card information play a big role in network design, and with some updated modifications to the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) 2.0 guidelines kicking in at the end of the month, here's what you need to know. Read more

Jun 27, 2012

White House Cyber Security Coordinator Howard Schmidt Joins Qualys

Former White House cyber security coordinator Howard Schmidt is to join the board of security and compliance company Qualys. Read more

Jun 27, 2012

Qualys Extends BrowserCheck Capabilities and Adds Howard Schmidt to Board of Directors

Qualys has added new features to its BrowserCheck product to enable users to scan multiple browsers at once and access details on the main vulnerabilities. Read more

Jun 27, 2012

Top UK Universities Flunk SSL Security Tests

Exclusive: A TechWeekEurope investigation leads many of the UK’s top universities to boost website security Read more

Jun 27, 2012

Global Vulnerability Assessment Market to Grow at 9.48% During 2011-15: Report

Network accessibility issues continue as a challenge in the market Read more

Jun 26, 2012

Qualys Helps Businesses Comply with Cookie Directive

QualysGuard WAS identifies cookies that have been issued without the user’s consent Read more

Jun 25, 2012

Cisco Issues Three Security Updates for Appliances and Mobility Tools

Fixes flaws in its ASA line, ACE platform and Anyconnect secure mobility VPN client Read more

Jun 22, 2012

Skybox Security Expands Global Partner Program

Skybox Security, the leader in proactive security management solutions, today announced a number of new additions to its global network of channel partners Read more

Jun 20, 2012

Qualys Offers Security and Compliance Platform for the Private Cloud

Qualys has launched a private cloud offering of its QualysGuard security and compliance platform. Read more

Jun 15, 2012

Microsoft Prepares Post-Flame Critical Windows Update Changes

Microsoft heeded calls to feed updates to stymie Flame-like attacks till after Patch Tuesday Read more

Jun 14, 2012

Sophos Plots Full Cloud Security Push

Sophos wants to have all its services in the cloud in the near future, TechWeekEurope understands Read more

Jun 13, 2012

Microsoft Patches 26 bugs, Warns Users of Active Attacks

Patch Tuesday headache as software giant yanks update and patches worm-ready flaw Read more

Jun 13, 2012

Qualys Introduces Private Cloud Version of QualysGuard Platform

Customers can host and operate the security and compliance platform within their data centers. Read more

Jun 12, 2012

Qualys Launches Private Cloud Version of Security and Compliance Platform

June 11, 2012 - Cloud security provider Qualys announced on Monday that it has launched a private cloud version of its QualysGuard Cloud Platform that allows customers and partners to host and operate the security and compliance platform within their data centers. Read more

Jun 11, 2012

Microsoft to Repair Internet Explorer Fault Discovered at Hacking Contest

Patch Tuesday will deal with exploit demoed at Pwn2Own competition Read more

Jun 8, 2012

Microsoft's Reaction to Flame Shows Seriousness of 'Holy Grail' Hack

Company's fast, sweeping response proves how critical it considers Windows Update Read more

Jun 7, 2012

Malware, APTs and You

Wolfgang Kandek, CTO of Qualys, explains why you need to be aware of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)… Read more

May 30, 2012

Qualys Adds Members to CTO/CSO Advisory Board

Qualys announcing the newest additions to its CSO/CTO Advisory Board. Read more

May 18, 2012

Apple Applauded For QuickTime Patching

Apple patches 17 vulnerabilities in QuickTime, getting by with a little help from its friends Read more

May 16, 2012

Apple Issues QuickTime Patch for Windows, OSX Users Safe

Apple issued a QuickTime update for Windows users on Tuesday night, patching 17 vulnerabilities that were not known to be in the wild yet. Read more

May 16, 2012

Google Unleashes Chrome 19, Flattens 20 Bugs

Hot fuzz spawns QuickTime patch Read more

May 16, 2012

Apple OS X Update Puts Elderly Flash Out of Its Misery

Security fixes include new Safari that executes old plugins Read more

May 10, 2012

Apple Software Update Includes Security Improvements

Just two months after releasing iOS 5.1, Apple has released an update of the operating system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Read more

May 10, 2012

Microsoft Releases Critical Security Update

Microsoft's latest monthly patch release includes three critical software fixes, including one for a vulnerability in Microsoft Office that the firm said could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted RTF file. Read more

May 9, 2012

Three Critical Patches Released by Microsoft Last Night

Microsoft released seven bulletins last night to cover three critical and four important flaws. Read more

May 9, 2012

Adobe Ships Patches for 13 Critical Flaws in Various Products

Adobe has shipped 13 patches to plug critical security holes in Shockwave, Flash Professional, Photoshop, and Illustrator that could enable an attacker to take control of a vulnerable system. Read more

May 9, 2012

Microsoft Fixes Critical Flaws with Patch Tuesday Updates

Microsoft released seven security bulletins for Patch Tuesday, but two in particular should get priority attention. Read more

May 8, 2012

Frost & Sullivan Awards Qualys Global Market Share Leadership Award in Vulnerability Management for Second Consecutive Year

2012 Award Attributes Market Dominance to Extensibility of QualysGuard Cloud Platform, Comprehensive Product Road Map and Marquee Customer List Read more

May 8, 2012

Adobe and Apple Patch Vulnerabilities

Adobe released a patch to cover a critical update in Flash at the end of last week. Read more

May 8, 2012

Microsoft to Ship Seven Security Updates in May Patch Tuesday

Schedules updates to patch 23 bugs in Windows and Office Read more

May 4, 2012

Snow Leopard Users Most Prone to Flashback Malware Attack

Russian AV firm's data also shows that 28 percent of Lion users are running out-of-date OS Read more

May 1, 2012

Microsoft Warns of Ongoing Conflicker Infections

Microsoft has blamed weak passwords and unpatched systems for the ongoing Conficker infections Read more

Apr 26, 2012

Oracle Releases a Large Critical Patch Set without Java Updates

Fixes 88 security vulnerabilities across 30 product lines Read more

Apr 17, 2012

Oracle Issues Mammoth 88 Vulnerability Patch

Oracle fixes a load of vulnerabilities, many of which could be used for remote code execution Read more

Apr 17, 2012

Apple Takes Novel Approach to Killing Flashback Trojan on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.6

Apple has released a new version of Java for Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.6 to tackle the Flashback Trojan believed to have infected more than 600,000 Macs. Read more

Apr 16, 2012

Apple Flashback Malware Removal Includes Innovative Approach to Reducing Risk for Macs

Apple is dealing with the harsh reality that Mac OS X has become a target for malware attacks. Read more

Apr 14, 2012

Security is bought with liberty

Security and Liberty are opposite ends of the same see-saw. Read more

Apr 13, 2012

Despite getting slammed by some corners of the security industry over Flashback, Apple gets praise for its “innovative” Java update Read more

Apr 13, 2012

Microsoft, Adobe and Google release fixes on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released six bulletins to address 11 vulnerabilities, including four critical fixes, on its April Patch Tuesday. Read more

Apr 11, 2012

Critical Patch Tuesday bulletin addresses Microsoft Office attack seen in the wild

Critical Patch Tuesday bulletin addresses Microsoft Office attack seen in the wild Read more

Apr 11, 2012

Microsoft Seals up Windows Zero-Day Flaw in April Patch Tuesday

Kill Bit for every MS boy and girl Read more

Apr 11, 2012

Microsoft and Adobe to release critical patches today

Microsoft is to release six patches for 11 vulnerabilities as part of its April security update, scheduled for today. Read more

Apr 10, 2012

Death, taxes, and Microsoft's Patch Tuesday

IT administrators in the US better have their taxes done already because Microsoft is sending plenty of work on Tuesday with six security bulletins, four of which are rated critical and could lead to remote exploitation by hackers. Read more

Apr 9, 2012

Apple patches Java flaw

Apple has released a fix for a vulnerability in Java software running on Mac OS X machines. Read more

Apr 4, 2012

Apple Plugs Java Hole After Flashback Trojan Intrusion

6 weeks after Microsoft machines are patched... Read more

Apr 4, 2012

Adobe Patches Two Critical Flash Player Vulnerabilities

Adobe has released a patch that fixes two critical vulnerabilities in its Flash Player web browser plug-in. Read more

Mar 30, 2012

Adobe auto-update eases Flash update chore - on Windows only

Back doors plugged without lifting a finger Read more

Mar 29, 2012

Adobe Announces Automatic, Silent Updates for Flash

Adobe has announced that its Flash Player will update itself silently and automatically from the new release. Read more

Mar 29, 2012

Microsoft releases six security bulletins in March's Patch Tuesday

Details emerge on Microsoft's most critical patch of the year Read more

Mar 14, 2012

Experts Sound Worm Alarm for Critical Windows Bug

Microsoft patches Remote Desktop Protocol flaw, urges customers to apply update or workaround ASAP Read more

Mar 13, 2012

Microsoft Issues Urgent Patch for 'Wormable' RDP Vulnerability

Microsoft Issues Urgent Patch for 'Wormable' RDP Vulnerability Read more

Mar 13, 2012

Party Hearty: Microsoft Gives Administrators a Break for St. Patrick's Day

Microsoft is giving IT administrators a break so they can party hearty on St. Patrick’s Day, with only one critical bulletin out of the six set to ship on Patch Tuesday. Read more

Mar 12, 2012

Symantec Criticizes Google for Stripping Security Certificate Checks from Chrome

Google becomes single point of failure for browser security, warns vendor Read more

Feb 20, 2012

Oracle Plugs 14 Holes in Java

Oracle this week issued a critical patch update (CPU) that fixes 14 vulnerabilities in its Java SE product. Read more

Feb 16, 2012

Critical IE Update Dominates Valentine's Patch Tuesday

Explorer patch the only one giving sysadmins the fear Read more

Feb 15, 2012

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Highlights Flaws in Internet Explorer

Critical fixes for the latest versions Read more

Feb 15, 2012

Microsoft and Oracle Mark Valentines with Patching Spree

Four of the Microsoft-updates are critical Read more

Feb 15, 2012

Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe Join Bumper Valentine Patch Day

Software vulnerabilities have no respect for occasion Read more

Feb 15, 2012

Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe Send Patches for Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day 2012 edition of Patch Tuesday is upon us, and Microsoft has come forward with details on the nine bulletins it previewed last week. Read more

Feb 14, 2012

From Redmond with Love: Microsoft Ships 21 Patches on Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, Microsoft is sending IT administrators a big bouquet of 21 security patches. Read more

Feb 13, 2012

IE Update Top Priority for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is to release nine bulletins addressing a total of 21 vulnerabilities in its monthly Patch Tuesday security update on 14 February, according to the company’s advance notification. Read more

Feb 13, 2012

Valentine's Patch Tuesday to Fix 21 Flaws

Microsoft won't be spreading the love this Valentine's Day as nine security bulletins are set to be released Read more

Feb 10, 2012

Microsoft Readies Valentine's Day Security Updates

Patch Tuesday will fix vulnerabilities that could result in remote code execution Read more

Feb 10, 2012

Microsoft to Send Users 4 Critical Patches on Valentine's Day

Sealed with an XSS Read more

Feb 10, 2012

Microsoft Announces Its February Patch Tuesday

A Valentine's Day full of fixes Read more

Feb 10, 2012

Microsoft's Valentine's Gift: Nine Bulletins with Four Critical Centres

Microsoft will release nine bulletins to address 21 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, Internet Explorer and .NET/Silverlight on its next Patch Tuesday. Read more

Feb 10, 2012

Microsoft Ruining Valentine's Day with Nine Bulletins

Microsoft revealed today that there are nine new security bulletins slated for next Tuesday Read more

Feb 9, 2012

Marlinspike Asks Browser Vendors to Back SSL-Validator

'Convergence' open source dev needs vendors to balance the load Read more

Feb 8, 2012

Hackers May Be Able to "Outwit" Online Banking Security Devices

Investigators probe malware threat to 2-factor authentication Read more

Feb 6, 2012

Oracle Halts Denial of Service Threat with Patches

Oracle has issued patches to close down a vulnerability that could cause a denial of service in some products Read more

Feb 3, 2012

Half of Fortune 500 Firms Infected with DNS Changer

Machines will be cut off from the Web next month, say experts Read more

Feb 2, 2012

Security B-Sides London Conference to Return in April

The second Security B-Sides London conference will take place on 25 April at the Barbican. Read more

Feb 1, 2012

CSO Interchange: Cloud Concerns Are Largely Propaganda

Last week’s CSO Interchange roundtable centered on “Barriers to Cloud Adoption” Read more

Jan 31, 2012

Oracle Issues 78 Vulnerability Patches

Combined with Microsoft and Adobe patches, Oracle has made IT departments' lives a little harder this month. Read more

Jan 17, 2012

Oracle Will Release a Raft of Patches Tomorrow

Enterprise vendor Oracle is gearing up to release a critical update tomorrow. Read more

Jan 16, 2012

Adobe Plugs Six Critical Holes in Reader

Also gives IT admins more control over PDF docs; oft-exploited JavaScript Read more

Jan 12, 2012

Microsoft and Adobe Release First Major Patch Bundles of 2012

Microsoft released seven bulletins last night to fix one critical issue on its first Patch Tuesday of 2012. Read more

Jan 11, 2012

Tuesday Fix for Media Player and Security Bypass

Seven bulletins issued in Microsoft's first Patch Tuesday of 2012 Read more

Jan 11, 2012

Microsoft Fix Media Player and Security Bypass Issues on Patch Tuesday

Seven bulletins issued in Microsoft's first Patch Tuesday of 2012 Read more

Jan 11, 2012

Microsoft Slays the BEAST, and Six Other Patch Tuesday Updates

Microsoft has released seven security bulletins for the first Patch Tuesday of 2012 -- including a late patch for the BEAST attacks Read more

Jan 10, 2012

Microsoft Issues Seven Security Patches, BEAST fix included

Microsoft on Tuesday released seven security fixes, including one cited as “critical," to correct eight vulnerabilities. Read more

Jan 10, 2012

Microsoft Rings in the New Year with a Larger Than Usual Patch Tuesday

On Tuesday, Microsoft is releasing seven new security bulletins, a large number for a traditionally light month for security patches Read more

Jan 9, 2012

Microsoft and Adobe Plan Busy January Patch Days

IT departments will have a busy month of patching to kick off 2012. Read more

Jan 9, 2012

Microsoft Gears up for a Fat January Patch Tuesday

Includes a security feature bypass Read more

Jan 6, 2012

Invisible DoS Attack Devised by White Hat Hacker

Apache, Nginx and IIS vulnerable to prolonged web server response reads Read more

Jan 6, 2012

BEAST SSL Fix in Supersized Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's 2012 kick-off features 7 security bulletins Read more

Jan 6, 2012

Microsoft Readies 7 Fixes for Upcoming Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has revealed it will close seven security loopholes with its upcoming Patch Tuesday update Read more

Jan 6, 2012

Microsoft to Start 2012 with Seven Bulletins on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has announced that it will release seven bulletins addressing eight vulnerabilities on its first patch Tuesday of 2012 Read more

Jan 6, 2012

Researcher Devises Hard-to-Detect Denial-of-Service Attack Against HTTP Servers

Qualys software engineer devises a new type of slow HTTP DoS attack and releases tool to test it Read more

Jan 5, 2012

MetricStream and Qualys Partnership Brings Actionable Security and Risk Intelligence to IT-GRC

Qualys and MetricStream today announced the integration of MetricStream IT-GRC Solution with QualysGuard® Vulnerability Management (VM) Read more

Jan 4, 2012

Qualys Partners with MetricStream to Build Vulnerability Detection and Remediation Framework

Qualys has announced a partnership with MetricStream to create a framework that enables customers to identify, report and remediate vulnerabilities. Read more

Jan 4, 2012

Microsoft Publishes Workaround for ASP.NET Vulnerability

Microsoft published an advisory to provide a workaround to help protect ASP.NET customers from a publicly disclosed vulnerability that affects various web platforms. Read more

Jan 3, 2012

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