UK Media Coverage

NHS regional health board adopts proactive approach to data security

Spotlight on how NHS Dumfries & Galloway leverage Qualys to safeguard patient data. Read more

Mar 27, 2015

Over 700,000 home routers threaten enterprise security

Cisco researcher warns of flaws in devices ISPs give to customers. Read more

Mar 25, 2015

NHS Dumfries and Galloway spotted Heartbleed bug using Qualys cloud scanning

Case study on how NHS Dumfries and Galloway leverages Qualys. Read more

Mar 19, 2015

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Resolves FREAK Flaw

No more FREAKY business. Microsoft rushes out fix for legacy encryption flaw in Patch Tuesday update. Read more

Mar 12, 2015

FREAK, IE and Stuxnet patches delivered by Microsoft

Wolfgang Kandek, Qualys CTO weighs in on March Patch Tuesday. Read more

Mar 11, 2015

Don't let inaction come back to haunt you: patch the GHOST vulnerability now

Wolfgang Kandek offers insights into lessons learned from the GHOST vulnerability and why organizations should take immediate action to patch their Linux systems. Read more

Mar 11, 2015

Microsoft fixes FREAK vulnerability in Patch Tuesday update

Microsoft has issued critical patches for Windows, Internet Explorer and Office. Read more

Mar 10, 2015

Goodbye to Oracle? Minecraft now comes with its own Java

Wolfgang Kandek comments on Minecraft creators offering a ‘standalone’ version of Java with its loader as part of a new approach that should limit the effects of the software’s infamous insecurity on tens of millions of desktop gamers. Read more

Mar 9, 2015

Heartbleed still prevalent year after discovery

The Heartbleed bug is still prevalent among appliances and devices that rely on SSL despite almost a year passing since it was discovered, according to data collected by the security vendor Qualys. Read more

Mar 4, 2015

BMC and Qualys join forces to improve enterprise security

Integrated solution combines BMC BladeLogic and Qualys Vulnerability Management to quickly identify and remediate threats and boost collaboration between Security and IT Operations teams. Read more

Feb 26, 2015

BMC and Qualys partner to combine technologies

BMC and Qualys have launched a solution to tie vulnerability information to automated remediation actions. Read more

Feb 26, 2015

5 lessons to be learned from the Gemalto NSA/GCHQ hack

Wolfgang Kandek, CTO, Qualys, says: "CISOs can use attacks, such as the one on Gemalto, for the positive purpose of internal security planning and review. The question becomes: How would my organisation fare against such an attack? Read more

Feb 23, 2015

What is good ‘cyber hygiene’ and how do you achieve it?

Qualys CISO Jonathan Trull discusses how organizations can practice good cyber hygiene. Read more

Feb 17, 2015

Microsoft fixes Project Zero disclosures in latest Patch Tuesday release

Speaking about the vulnerabilities in Flash, Wolfgang Kandek, chief technical officer at Qualys, said: "February Patch Tuesday 2015 comes after a quite turbulent month for information security professionals. Read more

Feb 11, 2015

4 highlights from Adobe & Microsoft's Patch Tuesday

Another month has passed and Patch Tuesday is once again upon us, with both Microsoft and Adobe having recently released important patches for their product ranges. Read more

Feb 11, 2015

Patch Tuesday sees Microsoft focus on Internet Explorer updates

Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday brought 41 fixes for memory vulnerabilities in its Internet Explorer browser. Desktop and server editions of Windows and Office also got fixes. Read more

Feb 11, 2015

Microsoft fixes bugs exploited to hack military and financial firms

Microsoft’s February 2015 security update includes fixes for a bug exploited by attackers targeting US defence and financial services firms and a vulnerability affecting core components of Windows. Read more

Feb 11, 2015

Bug-Ridden Internet Explorer Back with a Bang … and 41 Flaws

This month’s Patch Tuesday round from Microsoft features nine bulletins fixing 56 vulnerabilities including a mammoth 41 flaws in Internet Explorer. Read more

Feb 11, 2015

Home alone with hackers: how to shift the goalposts

For too long hackers have been a step ahead of organisations and the security industry at large. Can continuous security change that? Read more

Feb 5, 2015

GHOST bug haunts Linux users

Researchers of Cloud Security firm Qualys have discovered vulnerability in Linux GNU C Library (glibc) library which can be manipulated to gain remote access of the attacked system. Read more

Jan 29, 2015

Ghostbusting in the 'critically' vulnerable Linux machine

Whose afraid of GHOSTs? Disagreement over potential risks of new Linux vulnerability, but layered defence is recommended. Read more

Jan 29, 2015

Linux 'Ghost' vulnerability uncovered

Security researchers at Qualys have discovered a Linux vulnerability, naming it 'Ghost'. Read more

Jan 29, 2015

Severe Linux GHOST Flaw Spooks Out Computer Users

The vulnerability, discovered by Qualys, a provider of cloud security and compliance solution, is in the Linux GNU C Library (glibc) and is known as GHOST (CVE-2015-0235), because it can be triggered by the gethostbyname functions. Read more

Jan 28, 2015

'Ghost' vulnerability poses high risk to Linux distributions

The flaw in the GNU C Library can be exploited remotely for full control, according to Qualys. Read more

Jan 28, 2015

Ghost in the Linux machine hits Debian, Red Hat and Ubuntu

The buffer overflow-type vulnerability was discovered by Qualys and has been classified as CVE-2015-0235. The researchers have nicknamed it Ghost as it can be triggered by GetHOST functions. Read more

Jan 28, 2015

I ain't afraid of no GHOST – securo-bods

Security researchers at cloud security firm Qualys found a critical vulnerability in Linux, specifically the GNU C Library (glib). The vulnerability – nicknamed “GHOST” – allows attackers to remotely hack into vulnerable systems without any passwords or administrator credentials. Read more

Jan 28, 2015

Linux flaw leaves web infrastructure vulnerable

A security flaw in the open source operating system Linux is allowing hackers to run malicious code on the machines which power the internet, email and other critical online services. Read more

Jan 28, 2015

Most Linux systems affected by critical vulnerability

The vulnerability could be considered as critical as Heartbleed and Shellshock because it could allow hackers to exploit it in order to execute malicious code on servers and remotely gain control of Linux machines. Read more

Jan 28, 2015

Admins Urged to Patch Linux Now as 'Ghost' Bug Emerges

Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek claimed in a blog post that the firm “has worked closely with Linux distribution vendors and patches are available” as of Tuesday. Read more

Jan 28, 2015

Ghost Linux bug haunting Red Hat and Ubuntu systems

An exploitable bug, codenamed Ghost, that affects numerous Linux systems has been discovered by researchers at Qualys. Read more

Jan 28, 2015

BOO! Grave remote-code exec flaw in GNU C Library haunts Linux

Security researchers have uncovered a critical bug in the GNU C Library (glibc), a key component of Linux and some other operating systems, which could render countless machines vulnerable to remote code execution attacks. Read more

Jan 27, 2015

How can I make my PC completely secure?

Use Qualys BrowserCheck or a similar website to check that all your browser plug-ins are up to date. Read more

Jan 15, 2015

Microsoft Patches Zero-Day Windows Flaws Disclosed by Google

Qualys’ Kandek noted that the Telnet vulnerability shows that even old software can still harbor new bugs. Read more

Jan 14, 2015

Microsoft release one critical patch on first “no advance notification” Tuesday

Microsoft released nine patches last night, with one rated as critical. Read more

Jan 14, 2015

Google and Microsoft fail to patch up security row

Decision to publish details of non-critical flaw in Windows 8.1 before release of fix prompts angry response from Microsoft Read more

Jan 14, 2015

Microsoft Ends Free Public Advance Security Notification Service

Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek discusses the new changes with Microsoft's ANS program and why there is value in that IT administrators can read about specifics, exploits and priorities. Read more

Jan 12, 2015

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday preview will no longer be made public

CTO Wolfgang Kandek comments that the security industry should continue to move in the direction of more information and explanation to help organizations better working to quickly manage vulnerabilities Read more

Jan 12, 2015

Microsoft to abandon patch advance notifications

Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek said that he always thought that customers were interested in the information contained in ANS, but we will see how that works out. Read more

Jan 9, 2015

Microsoft ends free Patch Tuesday security notices

Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer of Qualys, also spoke up in defence of the ANS information. “I have always thought that our customers were interested in the information contained in ANS, but we will see how that works out,” he said. Read more

Jan 9, 2015

Microsoft drops Patch Tuesday free advance notice of fixes

From now on if you want to see what patches Microsoft is going to issue on Patch Tuesday you'll have to pay for it. Read more

Jan 9, 2015

Online Banking with the Most Secure Endpoint Device

Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek discusses online banking security and how organizations can secure different endpoint devices. Read more

Jan 7, 2015

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