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Preview Enterprise TruRisk Management (ETM)

Extend and orchestrate the reach of the Qualys Cloud Platform

Enterprise TruRisk Management (ETM) extends the reach of the Qualys Cloud Platform by ingesting data from third-party security and IT tools, empowering customers to bring external security and vulnerability findings into the Qualys ecosystem for context-informed insights. With ETM, customers gain a unified view of cyber risk informed by threat intelligence and Qualys research, turning data into action with a single, powerful cyber risk management program that can be deployed across the entire extended enterprise.

  • Unified View of Cyber Risk
    Consolidates security & vulnerability findings from 3rd party tools and translates them into an accurate picture of cyber risk over time
  • Comprehensive Threat Intelligence
    Intelligence: Enriches with the ‘Cloud Threat Database’ - 25+ sources of threat feeds and intelligence
  • Single-Point-Integrations
    Provides a single source of pipeline to collaborate with ITSM, other tools
  • Automated Orchestrations & Workflows
    Workflows: Automates risk management workflows, process, tasks with workflow automation engine

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