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Qualys Cloud Platform Showcases a Suite of Solutions

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Every company needs a solid network security policy and a secure platform that monitors their network end-to-end. The Qualys Cloud Platform has innovative architecture that runs security and compliance cloud apps. 

With the Qualys Cloud Platform, businesses receive a continuous assessment of their security and compliance across all their IT assets. They instantly know when their network faces a threat. As the industry’s most scalable, advanced and expandable security platform, the Qulays Cloud Platform provides a suite of solutions that shelter networks and safeguard businesses.

The 5 core solutions include:

  1. Asset Discovery: Create a complete inventory of your IT assets for effective endpoint security and compliance
  2. Network Security: Prevent, detect and protect your network by automating your network auditing and vulnerability management lifecycle
  3. Web Application Security: Properly secure web applications to protect your overall IT environment
  4. Threat Protection: Discover critical threats so you can prioritize patching
  5. Compliance Monitoring: Use our cloud-based solutions to automate compliance and risk management 

Avoid the hassle of managing multiple security vendors with the Qualys Cloud Platform’s end-to-end security solution. Keep your network secure while lowering the cost of compliance with Qualys. Sign up for your trial offer.