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Qualys Web Application Scanning ensures you develop applications that are secure. Developing secure web applications can be a challenge. Even the most proficient software engineers may not always recognize the security risks that are present in software they develop and often don’t have the tools required to identify the vulnerabilities that represent the risk. Qualys Web Application Scanning will identify and prioritize the security risks associated with your web applications so you can eliminate them before they can be exploited.

Developers will benefit from:

Intuitive and easy to manage, software developers can configure web applications, create vulnerability scans and have prioritized reports securely delivered. This allows developers to focus on the creation of web applications while ensuring that they will be notified of common security risks that newly developed software may have exposed. Flexible reporting ensures that developers have a risk-prioritized view of the security vulnerabilities as well as where they are located and recommendations for correcting the issues. Developers, Quality Assurance personnel and IT Security can all rest easier knowing that web applications have been regularly evaluated for security risk.

Qualys Solutions for Web Application Developers

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