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Imagine trying to protect a network where 1,000 systems can suddenly show up with no security installed—where the end users have full control over the configuration of their own systems.

Working with consultants, or anyone who has never dealt with an academic network before, is always very difficult. This is the most demanding environment out there—hands down.

Information Security Analyst,
Colby Sawyer College

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Higher Education Security Solutions

When it comes to keeping networks secure, universities, colleges, high schools, and other education and training facilities have a unique challenge. By their very nature educational institutions are designed to be open communities where students are encouraged to explore and exchange ideas and information. And unlike corporations and government agencies, academics don't own or control the majority of devices connecting to their network - which means they can't always control the security of those end-point devices. That makes it tough to ensure anti-malware software is in place and running, that configurations are correctly maintained, and patches kept up to date.

This doesn't mean their networks can be less secure than those of a business or government agency. They can't. The business and administrative networks contain systems that hold student medical, billing, academic, and other personal information. That means universities don't get a hall pass when it comes to compliance to a host of regulations, including HIPAA, the Payment Card Industry Data Security standard, state (and most likely soon federal) data breach disclosure laws. That's all in addition to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly known as FERPA, which is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

Unfortunately, educators often have tight budgets when it comes to their IT infrastructures. So they need the best tools - and most affordable - at their disposal to find and fix the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that place their systems at-risk to attack and exploitation.

Qualys Helps Educators Cost-Effectively Secure Their Networks

Qualys® Vulnerability Management is the on demand solution, fully automated to identify vulnerabilities, track remediation and reduce network security threats. Driven by the most comprehensive vulnerability KnowledgeBase in the industry, Qualys delivers continuous protection against the latest worms and security threats without the substantial cost, resource and deployment issues associated with traditional software.

By continuously and proactively monitoring all network access points, Qualys dramatically reduces the time facility IT managers spend researching, scanning and fixing network exposures and enables educators to eliminate network vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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