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Meet the Unique Security & Compliance Needs of Your Industry

Qualys' solutions can help you understand your overall security posture in relation to your industry's unique compliance requirements. Our unified, SaaS approach to security and compliance simplifies the entire process — saving you time, resources and budget while reducing risks.


When it comes to keeping networks secure, universities, colleges, high schools, and other education and training facilities have a unique challenge. Qualys' award-winning solutions help educators cost-effectively secure their networks.


Qualys' on-demand solutions provide a fully automated way to scan new SCADA networks, inventory assets, identify vulnerabilities, track remediation, reduce network security risks, and produce reports necessary to meet unique IT policy compliance requirements.

Federal Government

The operational continuity of networks and information technology is vital for the federal government. Automation in Qualys solution allows agencies to continuously monitor networks and systems for vulnerabilities – and meet federal requirements including FISMA and SCAP compliance.

Financial Services

Financial firms, no matter their size, or whether publicly or privately owned, need to not only stay secure - but must be able to validate that level of security to internal and external auditors. Qualys' solutions can help financial service firms attain the high levels of security you need.

Health Care

Qualys helps your organization meet HIPAA/HITECH security compliance requirements in a simple, fast, cost-effective manner. Our SaaS-based solutions are trusted worldwide by both large and small health care providers.

Public Companies

Publicly traded companies must not only contend with the constant threat of cyber-attack, and the myriad of state and federal cyber-security regulations, they much also comply with a wide variety of compliance regulations (e.g. SOX). Qualys' solutions help publicly traded companies achieve compliance and stay secure.


Qualys provides retailers the easiest, most cost-effective way to achieve compliance with PCI DSS and secure their networks. With Qualys' automated IT security and compliance solutions, retailers can quickly and reliably assess their networks whenever it's needed to maintain a solid security posture.

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