Do you know your cyber risk from tech debt (EoL/EoS)? 

One in five critical assets have high-risk vulnerabilities associated with end-of-support (EoS) software—meaning there are no available patches. Pinpoint your critical risk today, and forecast EoL/EoS technology for the next 12 months. 

Attackers are targeting EoS vulnerabilities

Qualys Threat Research Unit (TRU) assessed the risk across 46 billion software installations to discover:


of all assets with at least one EoS software installed


of critical assets have EoS software with high and critical vulnerabilities


of CISA Known Exploitable Vulnerabilities are linked to EoS software and OS


of EoS software is older than 2 years, accumulating high-risk vulnerabilities over time.

Know the TruRisk of your current and upcoming end-of-life (EoL) and end-of-service (EoS) technology to prioritize what matters most.

This free report forecasts your upcoming tech debt by category, risk assessment, and recommended steps for proactive remediation to de-risk your organization.

Align the CISO and CIO

The CISO is responsible for cyber risk, but the CIO is responsible for upgrading technology. Get on the same page with a complete forecast of EoL/EoS to prioritize, align budget, and mitigate risk proactively.

Take a proactive approach

Reactive technology upgrades prolong cyber risk, disrupt business operations, and waste IT budget and resources. Stop paying for extended support, and stop reacting to avoidable incidents from EoS technology.

Focus on the cyber risk

You may never remove every single EoL/EoS hardware, software, and operating system, but you need to know the ones with elevated risk to avoid assets with unpatchable vulnerabilities.

Finally, a unified view of tech debt

Still manually tracking EoS announcements from vendors and spending on extended support? What about your open-source technology? See the entire landscape in one report.

CSAM doesn't just show us EoL/EoS software and operating systems, it provides the scope of impact so we can understand cyber risk.

Beatrice Sirchis

Vice President of Application Security

See your upcoming EoS software, hardware, and operating systems for the 12 months. Request your free Tech Debt Report.

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