The Qualys Enterprise TruRiskTM Platform

Measure, communicate, and eliminate cyber risk across the extended enterprise.

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Calculate the known and unknown cyber risk across your internal and external attack surface and quantify it in a way that meets the unique demands of your business.


Go beyond just enumerating your cyber risk with the ability to clearly define it and articulate your complete cyber risk posture throughout your organization.


Proactively eliminate the most critical vulnerabilities within your environment with easy-to-use workflows that unify your Security and IT teams.

  • Measure
  • Communicate
  • Eliminate

Measure cyber risk across every attack surface

Build a continuously updated, unified inventory of assets with cyber risk and business context.

Aggregate cyber risk across Qualys and Non-Qualys products to understand TruRisk across your environment.

Understand TruRisk based on the risk factors that matter most, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, end-of-support software, missing agents, and more.

CSAM CISO Dashboard

Communicate cyber risk in terms of business value

Dynamic CISO dashboards that capture TruRisk across your environment

Business unit and compliance reports that pinpoint the most critical risks to your business

Integrations with CMDB that keep IT and Security teams in lockstep on the most critical priorities for your business

TruRisk Dynamic CISO Dashboard

Eliminate cyber risk with complete confidence

Prioritize risk by overall business impact

Remediate efficiently with risk-based patching, AI-powered adaptive mitigation, and an integrated workflow across teams

Continuously eliminate cyber risk with the greatest potential to impact your business

Qualys Cloud Platform Risk Reduction Plans

What is TruRisk?

TruRisk is the industry standard on how to apply risk-based prioritization to your cyber security program. While EPSS and CVSS are foundational metrics for severity, they can miss real threats and fail to filter out non-critical risk without complete business context of the environment. TruRisk aggregates ALL risk-factors from 73 thousand vulnerability signatures, 25+ sources of threat intel, and integrations with non-Qualys products to achieve:

TruRisk Dynamic CISO Vulnerability Reduction
TruRisk Dynamic CISO Vulnerability Reduction
85% reduction in critical vulnerabilities, helping security teams focus on what matters
A complete view of business risk including data from third-party IT/Security tools
Auto-assignment of asset risk levels based on behavior attributes and powered by TruRisk AI

De-risk your business with the Enterprise TruRisk Platform.

One agent. Multiple use cases. A unified view of risk.

Quickly deploy lightweight Cloud Agents to reduce TCO and consolidate IT, Security, and Compliance solutions.

Secure your entire attack surface

Discover everything with business context and lay the foundation for risk-based vulnerability management.

Prioritize vulnerabilities according to risk

Reduce critical vulnerabilities by 85% by focusing on what matters most with Qualys TruRisk transparent risk scoring.

Remediate 60% faster with a unified platform

Reduce MTTR by correlating vulnerabilities to available patches and leveraging remediation actions in a unified dashboard.

Optimize and operationalize IT security workflows

Pinpoint your most critical IT security threats, prioritize patching, and align IT and Security teams.

Always be audit-ready

Stay compliant while reducing risk with 850 out-of-the-box policies, 19,000 controls, 350 technologies, and 100 regulations and frameworks.

Real Value. Real ROI.

Deliver up to 403% ROI with a unified platform approach to de-risk your business.


ROI over 3 years


payback period


in Benefits

  • Streamline workflows with a single agent and platform approach, reducing time spent eliminating risk.
  • Lower TCO by consolidating point solutions to measure, communicate, and eliminate risk.
  • Achieve a five-month payback period on their initial investment.
IDC The Business Value of Qualys

The majority of the Forbes Global 100 and Fortune 100 trust the Enterprise TruRisk Platform to measure, communicate, and eliminate cyber risk

A simple, consolidated view of security threats across our environment.

Nemi George


The Qualys Cloud Platform simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple security solutions, while at the same time increasing the automation, effectiveness and proactive nature of security.

Robert Ayoub

Research Director, Security Products

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