Attack Surface Management Solutions

The industry standard for internal and external attack surface coverage in one platform.

What is Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management?

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) is the process of reducing cyber risk by continuously discovering, cataloging, and managing both internal and external assets — including the ones you didn’t know existed.

Reduce your attack surface; reduce cyber risk

CSAM Datasheet

Asset discovery with business context

Bolster your VM program with comprehensive discovery and intelligence for cloud, on-premises, IoT/OT, and internet-facing assets.

External attack surface management

Discover the external-facing assets that most enterprise organizations are blind to (and attackers love to target).

Eliminate blind spots with third-party integrations

Create a single source of truth with business context from outside sources such as CMDB and Active Directory.

De-risk your software supply chain

Track software components and analyze runtime vulnerabilities to slam the window on zero-day open-source risks.

The attack surface is constantly evolving

To defend against evolving cybersecurity threats, organizations must have continuous coverage of IT, OT/IoT, and internet-facing assets—both known and unknown.

Powered by the Enterprise TruRiskTM Platform

The Enterprise TruRisk Platform provides you with a unified view of your entire cyber risk posture so you can efficiently aggregate and measure all Qualys & non-Qualys risk factors in a unified view, communicate cyber risk with context to your business, and go beyond patching to eliminate the risk that threatens the business in any area of your attack surface.

Create a unified catalog with cyber risk and business context to turbocharge vulnerability management.

Consolidate attack surface management within a single platform

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