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    Advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization

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    Extend detection and response beyond the endpoint to the enterprise

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Up to 38% of assets in your network may be unknown and unmanaged.

1/17. Select the Qualys sensors you use to discover and inventory assets in your environment (Check all that apply).

2/17. What percentage of assets are accurately inventoried compared to the assets in CMDB?

3/17. Which statement best describes your organization on how you classify/group assets using Qualys VMDR?

4/17. Do you use Qualys' certificate management capability to manage the cyber risk of your digital certificates?


Scanning & Assessment

How would you prioritize threat response when 56% of CVEs are high or critical?

5/17. How often are vulnerability assessments performed?

6/17. What percentage of assets (including those with Qualys agent installed) are scanned with successful authentication?

7/17. Which statement accurately describes your organization's use of Agentless Tracking with Qualys VMDR?

8/17. Is your subscription set to merge assets for a 'Single Unified View,' and are you using both authenticated and unauthenticated merging capabilities?

9/17. How would you describe your vulnerability scanning process for exploitable vulnerabilities (such as CISA KEV), which requires a combination of Qualys sensors - network (remote) and agent-based scanning?

10/17. Do you use Security Configuration Assessment (SCA) provided by VMDR to assess configuration hygiene by industry standards like CIS?

11/17. If the PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirement applies to you, are you leveraging PCI ASV scanning of Qualys VMDR?

12/17. How do you leverage VMDR to create tickets for your IT teams within their respective ticketing or ITSM solutions?


Prioritization & Remediation

On average, attackers weaponize vulnerabilities twice as fast as they’re patched.

13/17. How are you prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation?

14/17. How are you prioritizing assets for remediation?

15/17. Do you leverage MITRE ATT&CK context for threat-informed prioritization of vulnerabilities & misconfigurations?

16/17. How do you leverage Qualys VMDR to determine which patches to deploy to remediate vulnerabilities?


Purging & Clean Up

Reduce the risk of data leaks and comply with data protection laws.

17/17. How do you leverage purge rules to ensure stale assets are not part of your Qualys VMDR subscription?

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