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Qualys Patch Management lets you automatically correlate vulnerabilities and patch data, improving your remediation response time. Because Qualys Patch Management uses the Qualys Cloud Agent, it deploys patches wherever an agent has been installed, including remote systems and public cloud assets.

For the best experience, Qualys recommends the certified Patch Management course: self-paced or instructor-led.

To learn the individual topics in this course, watch the videos below.

Qualys Patch Management Intro

Qualys Patch Management Intro This lesson introduces Qualys Patch Management, its features, and use cases.

PM Activation & Setup

PM Activation & Setup In this lesson, you will learn to set up and activate the Patch Management application on your assets.

PM Application Overview

PM Application Overview In this lesson, you will receive a walkthrough of the Qualys Patch Management application; and gain information on its various sections.

PM Deployment Job

PM Deployment Job In this lesson, you will learn to create a deployment job, understand what information goes into a deployment job, and the steps involved in...

Prioritized Products

Prioritized Products In this lesson, you will learn to prioritize products for patching, focus on the applications mostly exposed to the vulnerabilities, and use...

Patching from VMDR and VM

Patching from VMDR and VM In this lesson, you will learn to invoke patching from the VM and VMDR application so that you can deploy not only patches from the Patch...

Zero-Touch Vulnerability Remediation

Zero-Touch Vulnerability Remediation In this lesson, you will know zero-touch vulnerability remediation and learn to automatically configure the patch job to handle your current...

Uninstall Job

Uninstall Job In this lesson, you will learn to create an uninstall job, a job that will uninstall patches from your assets.

Patch Catalog

Patch Catalog In this lesson, you will explore the patch catalog and learn to search for specific information.

PM Assets

PM Assets In this lesson, you will learn to identify assets for Patch Management and know what information is collected by Qualys for those assets.